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  1. Dear Sports Interactive, my name is Szymon Kalinowski. I have been a fan of Football Manager since I played it in 2004 for the first time. For three last three years, I switched the language of the game from Polish (my mother tongue) to English (second language). I noticed that it helped to develop my language skills. Now, I am studying applied linguistics at Warsaw University in Poland. I want to write my master's thesis about the language of the game. I will focus on comparing Polish, English and German versions of the game. I have many questions concerning the process of translation of the game which I hope you will be able to answer: 1. Was Football Manager 2018 translated by an outside translation agency or by Sports Interactive inside translator? Do you have your own team of translators or maybe only one is responsible? 2. Is the English version of the game original? In other words: Do other versions base on translations from English? 3. How is the language of the game created? Do you base on real-life materials, language corpuses or something different? Where there any specific materials that helped to create the language of the game? 4. Since the game should be as close to reality as possible, in terms of contracts, does the game correspond with the civil code? 5. How does the process of language localization in FM 18 look like? 6. Is there any transcription of the whole text used in the FM? I would be grateful if you find time to answer any of these questions or give me any other clues concerning the translation of FM 18. Best regards from your big fan!
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