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  1. FMT is a lot more streamlined which might help, however, it could be your approach to lower league management. For instance, lower league teams won't cope well with lots of team instructions. Also, as for 30-yard screamers and good passages of play, this happens at all levels of football every weekend.
  2. Have you tried removing and reinstalling the game? I've not had the same issue on the same device.
  3. Thanks for fixing the aspect ratio issue, the game is now playable again on the new iPads. One thing that is a side effect of that fix is the Home Bar is always visible when the app is running and it gets in the way of things at the bottom of the screen. This needs to be hidden.
  4. I’m so happy this has been fixed! Look forward to my morning commute! Please now fix the home bar 😂
  5. I've seen this too - might be related to the size of pitch/arena?
  6. It's a bit harsh to blame them for our choice of device. It's Apple that changes the screen ratios. New version on the way, let's see just how high of a priority this issue was!
  7. Main priority just means next release... but the question is when that next release will be.
  8. As there is no familiarity in tactics on touch, there is no need to train up to 3 tactics. you can simply save and reload tactics like the old days. would be nice to have more than one tactic available in one touch though!
  9. You might have to wait until the transfer window officially opens on 1st July to get loans in etc. Also, a newly promoted side won't be able to attract the same players as those in the league you are going into that are established already in that division.
  10. Vaguely remember seeing this. Very frustrating. Might be worth dropping a screenshot.
  11. I've not played it but could it be the year the club was founded?
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