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  1. I have had some success with taking off one of the strikers, and subbing on a DM in the Half Back position when trying to preserve a lead, but I need to do some more testing with that particular thing before I know whether it'll be worth using.
  2. No time wasting. I dabbled with it in my first season, but with time wasting I seem to concede far too many goals after around the 85 minute mark.
  3. That depends. Against smaller teams, if I'm in the lead, I just stick with it. If I'm chasing a game, I go very attacking until I get an equaliser, and go back to attacking then. Against bigger opponents I like to go defensive or very defensive if I'm in the lead with one or two goals, with 10-15 minutes left on the clock. When I'm behind, I just keep it on attacking as very attacking seems to backfire too often against stronger opponents.
  4. Second season with AJax, using Beowulf P107 and I'm already in the CL final.
  5. Second season at Ajax with Beowulf P107. Highlights of this season so far are beating Arsenal 3-2 at home and 5-1 away. Currently topping my CL group, and Dusan Tadic having 21 goals in 13 league games. 26 in 19 overall.
  6. A few days ago, I posted an issue about shots vs shots on target ratio, and possession in home games. It's still perplexing, because I still run into those same issues on the affected saves. However, I decided to start an Ajax save and give BeowulfP107 a shot. Now, I know Ajax isn't exactly the most difficult of teams to start with, but damn! A 4-1 demolition of PSV, with a whopping 10 CCC's, which is the highest I've ever had in a game, is definitely a success. It's only the first game, so still early days. Suffice is to say, I might just have found love for FM again. Cheers for chu
  7. I've tried several tactics now, with several teams Sympathy 442 Leipzig tweak, with Lille, Beowulf 442 With Brentford (Several seasons in, in the Prem with a Europa League quality team) and Stargazing 442 with HSV in the 2nd Bundesliga and I have the exact same issues, with every team, on every save, with every tactic. Home games are absolutely terrible. Below 40% possession, getting absolutely smashed by smaller teams. Doing quite well away though. And, the most annoying of them all, I have about 20-30 shots with only 2-3 on target, and about 15-20 off target every game - Home and away -
  8. Hey man, been stalking your tycoon save threads for a few years now, and only now really gotten myself to make a request. Any chance you could find a tycoon for SønderjyskE, in Denmark? - Preferably with attribute masking off. Cheers!
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