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  1. hi, sorry to say I got fed up and sold the Laptop.. I only bought it for FM2018.. using PC now. cheers
  2. I saved directly after the match when it crashed, I'm sending the Belarc file now.
  3. Ok, so I've played 2 games with V-sync turned off and the graphics set to very high and saved directly after the matches both saved fine. I've also saved midweek with no issues then on the third game I saved on matchday and got the staging error.
  4. hi, i had it set on high when it crashed, it works on low but surely thats not the only solution?
  5. I've downloaded the latest update, downloaded the 26th Feb driver from Nvidia & it crashed on the first save. this is getting very frustrating - i've bought every version of this game since 1997 and my laptop is brand new - it should work
  6. seems to work ok on low settings too - have played 2 games and saved 5 times! and all seems ok - the graphics are like a Kevin Toms game though - is this the best/only solution?
  7. it works fine with the integrated graphics but obviously not as high a quality , I tried installing the previous driver for the gpu and it worked on the first save directly after a match and then I saved again immediately and got a blue screen with the message - VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. The gpu works with no issues on all other games. it just crashes when I save FM18! could it be the save file? I'm going to try on low with the gpu, reinstalling windows is my next step - is this likely to make a difference?
  8. hiya, it seems worse on matchday, it won't even complete the save, but on a non matchday it will complete the save and then crash - I have tried playing on med settings and the problem still persists - I'm considering re-installing windows to see if that helps, one other thing I will try is running the game from the cpu instead of the gpu - if its helpful i'll let you know the outcome
  9. hiya, I have the settings on "very high" and I have experienced the problem on "high" as well.. if I save without proceeding it seems ok, if I move on a day that's ok too, if I play a game and save after the game it crashes either during the save corrupting the save file or when the green bar is all the way across it crashes rather than resuming the game - when this happens the save file is ok.. either way it will crash when I save the game after the match.. look forward to hearing your thoughts! cheers
  10. This problem started gradually once a season but now every time I save the game or after about 3 games I get this crash, I'm in the year 2030 so it sooo annoying - i've lost countless games due to the saving error crashing halfway through makes the save file corrupt. it is a fresh install of windows 10 - all updates are done and the NVIDIA driver has been deleted and reinstalled. look forward to some assistance. cheers ive attached the dxd file. DxDiag.txt
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