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  1. Huge shame about injury replacements, would it be worth bringing it up in the league issue forum or is it something the game simply cannot do?
  2. Will try not to mention what the above have -Mileusnic is better than his stats show, dribbling, first touch and free kick taking should all be higher. His pace/acceleration should be around 16 not 14 -Izzo is a strong keeper but his stats suggest otherwise, needs another point or two to most big goalkeeping attributes -Thurgate has been coming on for the Newcastle team and looked promising, his stats don't seem to reflect that. -K.Popovic has made a promising start to his career and could use a small boost to his technical/physicals The west sydney squad is just a mes
  3. Right! Again I've just been trying something new and that makes sense why I was struggling. So if I move my DLP a bit further upfield and go with a 5212 I feel I'll see a change? Also noted with the run at defence TI, it does seem unneccesary. Also with the WB (A) I was seeing success with that but I assume because I had a weird pseudo counter set up.
  4. So recently as Hibernian I've been blessed with some very good CB regens and I've decided I want to utilize this by playing 3 at the back,I won the league a season or two back playing basic gegenpress football but other teams seemed to have figured that out a bit, so I thought a change would be needed. But being a bit of a tactical noob, it hasn't been going amazing. I've struggled a bit so far with my formation, I can't quite control games I should be controlling and have been scraping by wins or just being completely shut out of the game all together by some teams. I
  5. Yep, if you want more challenge add some custom databases, look up Classens and Timo's for some base leagues or you can try and find some more detailed personalized ones. Maybe even download an Oceania file and do a hexagon challenge
  6. Playing as Brisbane Roar in the A-League at Suncorp stadium, which is 55k and comes at a 2 million dollar rent cost a season. Is there any chance the board will move us? We get an average of 13k which is far too small so I bleed a fair bit of money every season for this one. Also, if we can't fill it up is there any chance the board will ever build a stadium?
  7. Yeah it was nothing gamebreaking like some of the crazy db's I've downloaded before. Really enjoying it but a few notes. 1. No midseason transfer window is a bummer, if you get hit by injuries or poor form it can be hard to recover from. 2. 1 relegation spot for the top two leagues is real rough, maybe like scotland has a playoff relegation even? 3. Some of the values of B-League players are really weird but that may be an ingame engine thing, you can buy a real good team for very little money in that league. Love the work though, if only it were real.
  8. Did you up the youth rating of Australia? Just noticed some really good regens coming out of some of the A-League sides after adding players to teams. Excited to take Thunder to the ACL though.
  9. Any way I can play as Sam Kerr in FM sounds good too me.
  10. Awesome stuff here, very interested in doing a Caribbean playthrough soon and these are the leagues I need! Keep up the top work.
  11. Having a lot of fun managing Inglewood City I agree with the stopping of the database, 9 levels is crazy and surely enough for anyone! Only issues I've noted has been the aforementioned inability to offer Amatuer contracts and just how much money youth setup seem to cost, going far into the red if it keeps up. Also, salary cap is hard-coded unless you create a completely new nation rules it seems, duplicating the league under a new name still gave me a hard salary cap, not sure if I'll bother finishing this one for a while.
  12. Have attempted, removed all traces and it still pops up, only this time it's an insanely small number which means all aleague clubs just loan their players everywhere. Starting from scratch will be a pain but I have the groundworks down at least, frustrating australia!
  13. Stumbling a bit with mine as it seems the salary cap is hard-coded into the top division. Is there anyway to fix this? Should I attempt a remake of just the top division or will it still dump the cap on?
  14. I do have a pro/rel pyramid coming based on this but it wont have any expansion teams.
  15. Yep, will be happy to start drafting up some of the NPL transfers if needed, thinking ahead.
  16. Legend, since I'm new to the editor, is it easy to import databases from game to game or would this have to be redone next season?
  17. Hate to ask but, any ETA on the next one? Been enjoying the unfinished one but the financial issues drag a bit.
  18. Maybe the weekly wage values in the Australian Nation tab? They're set to around 806$ for NPL rep level players. Not sure how if this is the issue.
  19. I assume it's based on club rep, dropping it would just kill any chance of signing non-australians so a no go. I'll take a look around, surely there's a way.
  20. Something that helps a little and isn't too time consuming, every player without an age given (as they are most likely under 19) should be on a youth contract, this keeps them young and on cheap wages.
  21. Finances are a problem in general in aus football. Ive noticed while messing around with leagues that its very, very hard for Aus clubs to turn a profit without TV money being OTT and silly.
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