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  1. Yep, will be happy to start drafting up some of the NPL transfers if needed, thinking ahead.
  2. Legend, since I'm new to the editor, is it easy to import databases from game to game or would this have to be redone next season?
  3. Hate to ask but, any ETA on the next one? Been enjoying the unfinished one but the financial issues drag a bit.
  4. Maybe the weekly wage values in the Australian Nation tab? They're set to around 806$ for NPL rep level players. Not sure how if this is the issue.
  5. I assume it's based on club rep, dropping it would just kill any chance of signing non-australians so a no go. I'll take a look around, surely there's a way.
  6. Something that helps a little and isn't too time consuming, every player without an age given (as they are most likely under 19) should be on a youth contract, this keeps them young and on cheap wages.
  7. Finances are a problem in general in aus football. Ive noticed while messing around with leagues that its very, very hard for Aus clubs to turn a profit without TV money being OTT and silly.
  8. Very excited for this! Should be the benchmark for Australia in future football managers.
  9. SweetDee69

    Western Australia question

    No, from what I believe the Amateur 4 leagues are as far down as it goes.
  10. If you want a 'real' version don't add Geelong, there is no intrest in football there and West Melbourne have already shown they want to build a fanbase there. I'd personally say the biggest areas for Expansion (in order) are -Canberra -Wollongong -Hobart -Dandenong -Ipswich -Perth 2nd -Adelaide 2nd -Sydney 4th (South Sydney) Other slots should be filled with the top NPL clubs including South Melbourne, Heidelberg United, Marconi Stallions, APIA Leichardt, Adelaide City, Brisbane Strikers Just some suggestions, will be following this.
  11. Despite wikipedia saying otherwise, I do believe Kamsoba is actually 21. https://www.cornerflag.com.au/rising-star-kamsoba-chasing-greatness-with-knights/
  12. I think if you're going fantasy, bringing back the North Queensland Fury would be awesome, they were treated pretty unjustly and deserve the shot. Also fan favourites such as Canberra, a Tasmania team, South-East Melbourne and maybe another up in Brisbane would be cool.
  13. This is insane work, genuinely considering doing a big save here, is there any chance of the clubs becoming professional with success? I've never played in a league that doesn't have a pro team