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  1. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this, even during the Championship manager days !
  2. Thanks for getting back to me, yeah I've noticed a lot of what you've mentioned in the bugs forums as well as through when I've played myself. I'm sure they will fix it in the next main patch, maybe I should try the strikerless then when it's a little more consistent.
  3. Has anyone gone striker-less with Spurs ? I sold Llorente and being left with only Kane I eventually moved towards it in the middle of November. I'm unbeaten for the season but without really being very good. Early on it was the usual Full back get's the ball in the opposition half in loads of space,crosses and the striker or wide player at the back post heads it home. I don't mind scoring from crosses but it just wasn't the type of football I was after, What I'm looking to get is combinations between the 3 amc's. I was hoping a shadow striker starting deeper would move forward far better than a support striker currently does at dropping deep in the match engine. I've altered the controlled-possession tactical set up, but the title is what I want, I want us to have most of the ball and I think the team is technically capable of doing that. What I'm also looking for is plenty of assists/ key passes/ chances created from not only the 3 amc's but the 2 box to box midfielders. I suppose what I'm trying to do is decrease the goal scoring/ assisting impact of the fullbacks. I make alterations sometimes, maybe a little too much by making too many changes I don't get too see which instructional change is making the difference. Just wondered if anyone else has tried it, too see if there set up can help mine at all ?
  4. Hey ! Just getting through the last few friendlies before the second season starts, Completed the proper treble in my first season and fairly comfortably too weirdly enough. Loved that I got to beat Liverpool in both the FA and Champions League finals ! I try to be as realistic as possible in regards to signings at least for the initial few seasons, I allowed transfers in the first window which I don't usually do but I wanted to try and sort our problems out early. 2018 Summer Transfer window Outs: Darmian £9.25M(£10.25M)- Thought he looked really good when we first signed him, but unfortunately it didn't last. Stats wise everything is pretty spot on as well as being able to play on both the left and right but his Crossing and Dribbling is very poor and this was vital in how my tactics worked. Pereira and McTominay went out on loan for the season as did one or two youngsters, Both of who'm I was looking to sell although with McTominay's stats and being homegrown I do wonder how good he would be, if he was retrained at CB if anyone has tried it or had the same thought? Incoming: Milenkovic £15M (£21.5M)- Seems a popular choice, and for that price it's a bargain. A slightly more technical Vidic at a stretch (What we would pay to have him back!) I always like having a CB that can dominate in the air, and being 6'5" and 18 jumping reach at 20 years old he was already ready made for the position. Hirving Lozano-£24M Again not breaking the bank but I feel like he was one of the best options to play as my right winger even if he is listed as preferring to play as an Inside Forward on the left although I do think the cut's inside from both flanks PPM probably effects his performances. 2019 Winter transfer window We were top at Christmas and looking comfortable but there was no need for too much change, But I wanted to make a few more changes to the squad and get rid of players who just don't cut it for me in real life and weren't used in game. Out: Rojo on loan to Everton- He starts the game injured I think, and he wasn't in my plans and so didn't play a single minute for us. I tried to sell him but nobody was really interested so a loan seemed the best option. Young £2.5M- Ashley is a strange one for me, for everything he offers there's something he takes away which is confusing. I think if you asked him when he first signed if he still thought he'd be at United and playing into 2018/2019 he'd have probably said no. Although he's put in some consistent performances in a position that he's definitely not a natural in, I do wonder how he is still at the club especially for the wage he is on. I think it's an underlying problem with United it's not just who we haven't got in but it's who we haven't got out as well to the point where we're stuck with Players that should have left a fair few seasons ago unfortunately. Fellaini £28.5M- I was fairly comfortable keeping my midfield, Fellaini wasn't a starter but he filled in when I needed him too and I found how he would dominate in the air in the midfield would win a number of second balls which started a few counter attacks which was valuable. But I couldn't say no to that amount of money and I have Herrera and Fred to step in instead. In: Kieran Tierney £36M(£45.5M)- Getting rid of Rojo and Young left only Shaw that was capable of playing on the left, I had my eye on a few different left backs including Alex Telles, Jose Gaya and Grimaldo. A few of them wanted just far too much money than I wanted to pay, I actually think I over spent on Tierney too? but other clubs were lurking and making offers so I had little room for maneuver. Really happy to have got him though, he shouldn't cause me any problems with the Brexit Scenario and is so young I'd hope to get 10+ years from him anyway and I see him as a more offensive and aggressive option compared to Shaw but that left hand side should be sorted for a very long time hopefully! The season soon finished, I was expecting to struggle a lot more than I did. I liked bringing in Gomes, Chong and Greenwood from the youth sides too. Greenwood impressed scoring 3 premier league goals as well as scoring in the home leg of the 3-0 derby Victory against City in the quarter finals of the Champions league. I was fairly happy with the squad and knew I wouldn't need to make drastic changes, I prefer the odd few signings rather than a complete overhaul. 2019 summer transfer window out: Sergio Romero £10.5M(£13M)- I was a little disappointed by Romero's stats as I actually think he's a V.good keeper, Although he hardly played and was worth a fair amount of money which I didn't see much point in keeping sat on the bench. I had hoped for a bit more money from the sale, and was disappointed to have to sell him to Spurs, but I don't expect much of a challenge off them so I didn't really mind. Also with Dean Henderson coming back from loan, I thought he could do a job when I needed him and he's also English which would help me with the number of foreign players rule for Brexit. Demitri Mitchell £1.4M (£1.7M)- Played a lot of games on loan at Hearts in the first season, and although it's always sad when an academy player doesn't make the grade he simply wasn't up too it. Again I didn't get much money for him but he was only really attracting interest from Scottish Clubs and there's only so much they can cough up. Phil Jones- Unfortunately for me Phil is one of them players we should have sold a few seasons ago, he had promise but it was never really too consistent although his injuries haven't helped. I had always planned to sell him, and stupidly left it too late. He soon had 6 months left on his contract which I hadn't kept an eye on and so other clubs were able to approach him. Weirdly he picked to sign for Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad. He never played for me in the whole season, which made me wonder why didn't I transfer list him sooner so I could have got some sort of money for him? His jumping reach being so low was dangerous for me from the start. Fosu-Mensah- Loaned out to Bournemouth, A versitile cover player but I don't think he will ever make it to a standard where he's knocking on the door to start every week. I tried to sell him on but there was no real suitors. With only a year left on his contract though I will be trying to sell him on for some money rather than him leaving for nothing ala Jones. Marcos Rojo £12M- I wished I got more money for him too, I think that is a reoccurring thought actually, is everyone finding it difficult to get decent money once you've transfer listed them? Again nothing much wrong with him stats wise, A lower jumping reach than I'd like and a very poor Composure stat. I just have better options who're also younger, Lindeloff, Milenkovic,Bailey and Tuanzebe's return from loan have signaled the end of the old. Andreas Pereira £15.5M-I was fairly happy with the sale price here, he had a number of offers to go and play away on loan last year. I usually accept all offers for loans regardless of the money and leave it up to the player to decide what they want. He picked EA Guingamp which was an odd choice for me, he played a lot of games but didn't perform too well. Not playing an AMC and only having a 2 man midfield means I need them to be up to a job going both forward and backwards a lot of the time, something which I don't think he has. I will miss his ability from set peices though as his Corners and Free kicks are a lot better than anybody else that are in the squad. Chris Smalling £25M- This was a mixed one for me, I don't think he's the real deal by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe he get's what it means to play for Manchester United unlike a few players in the squad. I think in the 1v1 situations against pace and trickery he is shown up more often than not which is a shame as he's probably the most commanding player we have in the air at the back in real life. There have been a lot of questions as too why Jones and Smalling were still starting together for us last season, but for me the questions were more why is Jones still starting rather than Smalling who has also scored some important goals. I do think we can obviously improve on him but I don't think he's a bad player to have in the squad. And in a system where the 2 cb's had some form of protection ahead of them I think he would be consistent. He did play well for me but eventually the writing was on the wall what with the other options at our disposal, but I think £25M is a good price ! which is probably the first time I've got to say that. In's: I didn't see many area's where I needed to sign someone new to be honest, the team is far from being a team of world beaters but I'm winning and I hate having to spend £70M+ on one individual even as United manager it would have to be for someone very special. I also want to give the 3 youngsters named above a shot, as well as Rashford and Lingard. I think it's just the dream to have as many former academy players as possible in the first team. I'd really like to get Rashford especially to score 200 goals+ depending on the length of the save, I'm not sure if anyone's had the time to put that many seasons into the game yet to make that happen? Almamy Toure 19.5M (£23M)- One area I was looking to strengthen was right back, Toure is very well rounded and there should be a good battle for the starting spot between him and Dalot. This should also spell the end to Valencia who I'm trying to sell. Yes Valencia has been a good servant to us, he's worked hard to become a right back or sorts but again he's a player that should have left a few seasons ago. He works as hard as anyone and he's experienced but for a converted winger going forward he's woeful. Most of his runs are stop start, there's always too many touches and his crossing is more just hitting it with everything he's got and hoping as well as being a very very strange choice of captain. Nicolo Barella £46M (£49M)- My most expensive signing yet, very highly recommended by scouts and honestly a player I'd never heard of. Already a World-Class Midfielder he will add competition for Pogba's position although he's already sulking that I rejected an offer from Barcelona for him. One of the small 'Problems' I have with the way I'm set up is nobody really averaged superbly over the season. Lukaku was my and the league top scorer and averaged 7.46 which I don't see as huge. Martial averaged less than 7 in the league as an example which is very disappointing. Although everybody contributes the goals and assists are shared out so I presume that's probably why? or maybe the game has changed in the sense that someone averaging 7.5+ fairly easily is no longer the way? With this in mind I'm worried that spending big money on players like Barella will never seem worth it what with the ratings they get? but time will tell and I have a few changes that worked towards the end of the season. I honestly didn't start meaning to write so much ! I hope my mumblings on the team in the real world aren't confused with Football Manager, always interesting to hear what other people think though !?
  5. Just about finishing the first season in game, I've not gone Arsenal but I can't help but enjoy their transfer business, They've signed Icardi for £99mil meaning they could play a front 4 of Icardi, Aubemeyang, Lacazette and Ozil ! As well as signing right back Kevin Mbabu from Young Boys for £10.5 mil including all the add-ons which seems a bargain as he's a good all rounder is now only 24 and is valued at £26 mil !
  6. Hadn't played FM in ages, so decided on starting a save with Southampton and it's probably been the best save I've had this year. I started off not allowing any more signings considering it's the last patch and everything was up to date anyway and apart from reluctantly selling Yoshida and gladly selling Redmond in the winter transfer window I wasn't given much money to spend accept for what we accumulated from their sales so I decided just to bank it instead. We finished 2nd in the league on 77 points and but for a more consistent start to the season we could have got closer to United who finished 1st on 84. Some real surprising results including beating Chelsea 4-0 at home, United 3-1 at home and City 4-2 away kept us challenging from most of the season. We also managed a domestic double winning the FA cup and the league cup although the final opponents being Leicester and Everton made it slightly easier. Hoping for another successful second season, hopefully challenging for the European places once again, I have a very impressive £82 mil transfer budget and so far I've only signed Harry Maguire from Leicester for £25 mil. I know I need to improve the depth of the squad but I'm not 100% on who I want and for what positions, also looking to improve how quick the team is especially going forward, for all their positives Gabbiadini, Austin and especially Carrillo aren't rapid and although Long is the quickest his age and poor finishing count against him so I'm looking to sell him. I'd definitely recommend starting a save with Southampton, I think they have a squad that can play a few differing formations as well as having enough quality to cause the odd upset too!
  7. Huge fan of Martial myself, currently have him as an Inside forward attack which I think his PPM's are made for, on the left in a deep 4-2-3-1 in the first season for United, his goal tally isn't as incredible as it is for you them numbers are brilliant. But in all competitions he has played 27(3) scored 22 and assisted 11 by the end of January.
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