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  1. Afghanistan should be moved to Central Asia(CAFA) from South Asia(SAFF). The game simulates SAFF tournaments, where Afghanistan also takes part. The game also lacks any official CAFA tournaments, the developer team mights include the possible under 23 tournament with unstable schedule to add a bit of variation for future saves.
  2. I’m unable to add in my custom Bangladesh database, so im attaching my database. If someone can do it for me would be helpful. I would like 3+1 Asian player rules. Bangladesh ModZ.fmf
  3. The skin tone of South Asian and Sout-East Asian players look too dark in match engine. So, I wish they will be tweaked in FM20.
  4. Why most of Japanese newgens become German youth product most of the time? All the national team players of Japan in 2030 plays or atleast played a season in Bundesliga.
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