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  1. Buying FM 13 in India

    best way out i believe is digital download through steam if you want it now. Or wait till flipkart makes it available.. which is dirt cheap compared to the digital download version on steam.
  2. flipkart.com.. imbaaa.. as low as £10
  3. paypal takes debit cards too
  4. Even though the likes of Zidane, Maradona, were probably better than Xavi, I dont think any club would want to retire a shirt number for them.. Retiring a number would mean, that said player must be one of the greats of the game, as well as immensely loyal, as in played for one club all his life.. You put that clause in for retiring a shirt, and I dont think you would find many contenders in the last 100 years.. I'm thinking Scholes maybe, but Man Utd didnt retire his number.. maybe Maldini for Milan, di Stefano for Madrid.. you get the idea ..
  5. Buying FM 2011 in India

    I live in India, and the box pack IS available in India.. I've seen it in at least a couple of stores..
  6. Can you become a managerial legend in two different clubs ?? And possibly, have stadiums named after you in both of them ?? Also, do ALL clubs rebuild stadiums ?? I mean, I know the smaller ones do.. but I'm talking about the big guns, say ManUtd, Madrid, Barca ??
  7. FML: A Lament

    I quit FML for personal reasons, cos I couldnt devote much time... Back then it was absolutely superb... You need the correct mix actually to play the game... And, I played in quite a few GW's Beta and Live.. I always found out, that immaterial of what strategy you followed within 2-3 seasons you always do well in a GW... Thats because people leave and join new GWs for whatever reasons.. This in my opinion remained the biggest flaw.. I can see why SI did it.. Add to that, they started adding newer features, which always created a shakeup of the economy.. like when the stadiums and the youth academy were launched... the big teams, which were following a particular strategy had to do a major overhaul to stay afloat... then came newer skills, and changes in the existing.. these changes were too often too soon... and that might have led to players quitting GW's... which led to the failure... Having said that, until the moment I quit, I was having a ball.. I spent on an average about 12-16 hours daily.. (I am not kidding !!!) It was one of the best games I've ever played... The community was brilliant, and apart from playing against real people, you could have intelligent chat with people, crack a joke and enjoy the company... My experience with MMOs are limited.. Maybe if there was an option of side quests of some sort, FML would have been much more interesting.. Afterall thats why, WOW was so successful.. Apart from the main game, being brilliant, they had superb side quests also.. The problem is how do you put forth an interesting side quest in a football management game ??
  8. 11.3 new youth

    in my save the best youth for the past 3-4 seasons have been almost exclusively German.. Barring a few Spanish, English and Brazilian whizkids..
  9. Aye, but he should learn basic Italian at least. Imagine after 5 years he goes down to the grocery store to buy stuff and he has to use sign language to shop !! Does adaptability has a say in this ?? Btw, Ganso aint listed as an Italian national in the default db, but he is in the 11.3 db. Also his adaptability is 10 in 11.3 but 0 in 11.0... And my save used either 11.2.1 or 11.0.1 ... Not exactly sure which one though..
  10. I am reasonably sure... though I'll take a look at the db to see what that says.. But yes, I dont think Ganso, even irl has an Italian passport... Hes supposed to be the next big thing from Brazil after Neymar. and both of them play for the same club as well... EDIT: Just checked the db.. and you are correct. The guy does have Italy listed as the second nationality. But um, he still should learn Italian after playing in the country for 6 years, shouldnt he ??
  11. What about a feature where the manager might have a say regarding takeovers and such ?? Also, I like the idea about having ESOP's as incentives for managers. The idea about director of football, is novel, but the role of director of football is largely restricted to scouting players which are deemed buyable and looking after youth training I guess ?? (I maybe grossly wrong about this point) If that is so, then I dont think many will like to be a director of football However, what SI can do is, give players a choice at the start of the game, which path you want to follow.. Something along the lines of RPG's... a) The usual football manager b) International Manager c) Director of Football d) Coaches/Assistant Manager But, immaterial of what option you choose, you should have the ability to become what you want as the game progresses.. ie Suppose you start as a Director of Football at some club, and you find that this aint what you like to do, you should be still able to apply for managerial positions... Something of a "All leads lead to Rome really" This would make the game a bit more interesting (hopefully!!) and introduce a new aspect of playing the game. As coaches/assistant managers, one can look into holding team talks and looking after training. This may not sound much as per what the team talks and training features are as of now.. But if they are modified a bit more, making it more comprehensive.. Lets say, players having some problems, talking to ass man, and the ass man having to resolve his problems, sort of a mini quest kind of... Further suggestions are welcome, or I await these ideas to be shot down (violently!! )
  12. On old FM versions it was possible to sign them as coaches as soon as they retire at realistic wages, ie around 1k/week... I'm talking FM 09/08.. I remember getting Raul as a coach after he retired in my Madrid save and Giggsy, Scholsy, Neville as coaches in my United save... I tried doing that in FM 10 and FM 11, but somehow the players want astronomical figures as wages.. An easy way out could be offering them coach release clauses.. though havent tried that...
  13. Hi, I dunno if this is an addressed issue.. But I was just looking at a few players in my team today and I found out that Ganso (Paulo Henrique), who became an Italian national after playing at my club for the past 6 seasons or so, cant speak Italian.. It seems he can only speak Portuguese and some (basic) Spanish!! Is this a bug? I mean living in a country for 6 years or so, and becoming a national and you cant even speak some basic language ?? Or is it hidden ??
  14. Query re sons in FM11

    Succesful managers + sons irl .. Cesare & Paolo Maldini Michael & Bob Bradley Harry & Jaime Redknapp
  15. Im leaving FM!

    lol!! that made me laugh !!