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  1. @Felix Wilkie I have an update. I am now able to play the game without crashes only in windowed mode. The game feels laggy but it doesnt seem to crash anymore. I'm still waiting for a more stable solution coz it is clear that the game is not completelly ok.
  2. @Felix Wilkie I already checked every step that is suggested in the "I’ve encountered a crash dump on launching the game" section , included updating the DirectX. I have no antivirus apart from Windows Defender I have tried running the game with "very low" graphic settings and still getting the crash. Deleted Caches and Preferences multiple times and verified caches. As i said everything that I tried doesnt seem to work apart from the fact that I am getting the crash dump during a match now, and before i was having it on game launch.
  3. The crash dump i attached is from more recent attempts of playing the game. When the game was crashing at launch i did not get any crash dump file in the crashdumps folder.
  4. Feel you bro. Did this problem show up all of a sudden for you too? Coz I'm at my 4th season and never had that problem till now.
  5. I also tried to uninstall/reinstall graphic card drivers and no result yet.
  6. Hi, I've been playing without any problems till today, when the game first started to randomly crash during matches, and then started to crash at launch giving me the "FM2018 18.2.2f1055984 (staging)" message. I tried all the steps listed on the "I’ve encountered a crash dump on launching the game" section of the forum. Tried even uninstalling and reinstalling the game twice. Now the problem is slightly changed as I can load my game but is still crashing everytime during the first match i play. Graphic card drivers are installed and up to date Windows 10 is up to date I dont have any custom skin/program ever installed on my laptop. I just used the in game editor. I will post DxDiag and crash dump DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.07 00.48.14).dmp
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