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  1. Say I have a centre back who's allocated 5, I won't give a sub a number ending in 5. I think it looks weird having number 5 & 15 playing centre back together. Same with midfielders and strikers etc.
  2. Giggs and Phil Neville sat under Moyes and Van Gaal at United and clearly didn't offer much. Then the Nevilles disastrous spell with Valencia.
  3. I always find it amazing how many people think players like this are instantly top drawer coaches. From what I've heard, Nicky Butt is the only well established coach out of that bunch. The rest have had pretty shocking coaching/managerial careers.
  4. You could have almost a "one in one out" policy. Whilst these clubs who are now "non-relevant", their B-teams could be disbanded and the leagues reshuffled. Or the one's lower down the pyramid just enter a nondescript basement league outside of the playable parameters.
  5. I'd love to see it but it does come with complications, mainly with their opponents. You'd have to implement the other nations equivalent sides and they all have slightly different criteria, and the tournaments they enter, again have different selection criteria. It's a minefield of rules and regs.
  6. Transfer window is shut but I can still send players out on loan to affiliate clubs that are in the lower non-playable leagues, but you can't extend it once they're out.
  7. On a similar note, if you send a player out for a month, is there a way of increasing it when he's already out on loan to an affliate?
  8. Or you could download one of the third-party tools. I think FM Scout shows these hidden attributes.
  9. I'd cringe if I ever saw Real Madrid sponsored by "classicfootballshirts.co.uk"
  10. I had a regen keeper who was class and I didn't want to go. So I offered him 5 year deal on the max wages and a huge yearly %. End of the five years came and he was on astronomical wages that I couldn't negotiate because I couldn't afford. Subsequently left on a free, but I eventually replaced him with a much better youth re-gen after about 5 years of having sub-par keepers for one season at a time.
  11. I usually hide unavailable players. Once I missed about 3 quality players who were injured. Absolute nightmare, they all kicked off. I never let my HOYD or DOF buy players for these reasons.
  12. It's a nightmare, I've this same problem with Brackley Town. Doesn't effect money too much though.
  13. I give them it if it's available. I won't usually swap an established first teamers number if he's been there longer than a season or so. Generally don't bother changing first team players numbers.
  14. You need to reset all of your preferences to default, then change everything back. I accidentally do this a lot, there's a check box at the bottom of the loan form that you've accidentally checked.
  15. There's a fix for this not santion by SI. If you Google it there's plenty of sites that offer fixes. I use sortitoutsi.com - there will be a few fixes you can download and files to amend. It's easy enough.
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