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  1. Dear @Lucas Weatherby This is my latest DXDIAG. Kindly advise. DxDiag_15042018.txt
  2. Dear @Felix Wilkie I have tried, it still crashes, only the crash message is (update) instead of (staging).... Can you tell me why my graphics card crashes but my integrated graphics doesn't?
  3. Dear Felix, I have just installed the game in a newly formatted laptop. Unless a newly installed game has a custom graphics... if not.. I did not run any. I suspect that my graphics card is causing the crash for this FM somehow, cause i could run it with my integrated graphics. Please advise if my graphics card is not suitable for the game... and yes I updated to the latest version of my graphics card. Honestly speaking, I am quite disappointed with the FM so far, I could run FM2016 without any problem previously, i skipped FM2017 and bought FM2018... but I am not sure why it crashes while I run with my Nvidia... I could not even run a match successfully... The integrated graphic works, but it kills the playing mood due to the poor graphics and slow processing.... and yes the issue still occurs... which i do not know why... I have tried everything that you and your colleague advised me....
  4. This is my latest updated dxdiag. I just reformatted my laptop, and it still crashes with a new error. my graphic cards are updated till 20/3/2018. Initially I am running high in game preferences, but now even with low settings it crashes. 5 leagues, 26000 players loaded. I will upload my save game into the FTP soon. (my saved game name is Exeter.fm). Thank you for the support. DxDiag.txt
  5. Hi Tech Team, I reformatted my PC and installed the latest FM. now it crashes randomly. My graphic is set to medium. I will try to set to low and see the results. But it is very strange that it crashes, it is because my graphic card is not compatible with the game? Kindly refer to my dxdiag file. Thank you. update : I have tried low, it lasts longer than medium in a match but still crashes.... =( DxDiag.txt
  6. dear @Felix Wilkie I have updated my driver according to your recommendation. It still crashes every time on the first 5 minutes playing of the match. Any other items i should look into?
  7. Dear @Felix Wilkie I have just install the game last Saturday, it happened the first time i played the game. I dun not think there are any custom graphics, unless it is pre-installed. The game just freezes and the crash happened. Appreciate your help on this.
  8. Dear @Felix Wilkie, Kindly refer to the dxdiag attached. Thanks. DxDiag.txt
  9. Hi there, My FM18 is crashes everytime after a game or two with the message in the title... I did everything i could to resolve it from the internet information but i could not. I just bought this game 2-3 days ago... please help... Not sure what happened... my PC details Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4700MQ CPU@2.4GHz 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram 64-bit Operating System (Windows 10) Display adapter : Nvidia Geforce GT 750M Thanks.
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