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  1. Anyone signed Pavon this year for United ?
  2. I did a full fresh install of windows as i was having issues with PC and seems like its sorted now
  3. Hello All of a sudden 2D and 3D are no longer smooth and i cant work out why tried deleting cache and reinsalling the game any ideas ?
  4. For me my strikers/forwards keep missing even tho they get loads of chances
  5. So guys starting my United save thanks for the tips for the striker that i asked for earlier thought it would be better to show the tactic im wanting/going to use any thoughts on it in regards anything that contridicts each other and players that i could bring in to fit it im looking to sign CB.RB.CDM/CM and RW in the first window
  6. Looking for a replacement for Lukaku guys i want a hard working pacey forward i was thinking of getting werner anyone used him or got any other suggestions
  7. Anyone had a tycoon takeover at United happen in their saves
  8. Anyone signed Werner for United on this FM i had him before on a previous game and he was great
  9. Anyone had success with 4-2-3-1 i struggle this year to get United going keep missing chances starting a new save on the update later signing suggestions would also be awesome
  10. Anyone got a really good tactic to use with United starting a save soon and i usually use 4-2-3-1 wide but always seem to have issues with the team taking the chances just cant get my strikers to score this year consistently
  11. Yes thank you thought i was the only one seeing this Icardi 19 finishing 19 composure misses so many one on ones
  12. I would like to suggest a possible feature that allows you to take over a loan deal for a player such as what Chelsea are trying to do with Gonzalo Higuain assuming the player would want to join you that is
  13. Any chance of a screenshot i like to play 4-2-3-1 tho
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