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  1. Has anyone managed to get Greenwood to be very comfortable at RW as a inside forward at the moment i have coman and Douglas Costa (Loan) in that area but long term would like Haaland upfront with greenwood wide if so how did they managed to do it
  2. Cheers man and you using this formation on that new save or ?
  3. Starting a United save and want to use a 4-3-3 formation with a DM my issue is what roles to use for teh CM's (Bruno and Pogba) and what the DM should be, Also struggled to get teams to score using this formation so any advice would be great including signings for DM and RW
  4. Noticed that players are not marking attackers from throwins enough as you can see in the screenshot below 3 defenders marking 2 attackers leaving a player free to start a attack
  5. Seems to be a issue with crossing, i have my team to play early crosses BUT the fullbacks hwo have the instruction to cross more often get the ball and just stand there allow the AI fullback to recover and then hit it at him
  6. Starting United save today want to use the formation shown here but i struggle to score goals with it, the reason i want to use it so to stop all the counters or at least combat them a little as likely going to dominate Any suggestions on tactic tweaks and signings to fit it would be amazing guys thanks
  7. i always struggle with 4-2-3-1 never used a DM before any players you recommend to sign for that role
  8. Looking to get Bruno Fernandes in my first season looking to have him and Pogba in the same team any ideas for the best formation and roles guys ?
  9. Any advice for usong 4-2-3-1 with United can never usually get the striker or CAM to work
  10. Want to play 4-2-3-1 with United but in the past ive struggled with it also this year no matter what i do AI fullbacks just destory me any advice on these things before i start my United save would be awesome
  11. Seems like no matter what you tell your players the AI's fullbacks/wide players are always free and are way to effective even when you tell players to mark them they are always in space
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