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  1. OK thanks if i re-train and play them in that position will they learn it quicker? may sound a daft question.
  2. OK thank just got to think how to fit Reus, Gotze, Sancho and Man into the formation
  3. I have managed to sort my attacking formation out now which is working fine, but i am looking for a good defensive tactic, but will still enable to me to competitive in games by sneaking a goal and absorbing pressure. As currently winning games at home, but struggling to win game away.
  4. I have always played "Stay on Feet" with all my tactics i used. Should i change it?
  5. I am after some help to try and correct my formation to get my striker to score goals. I have been having this problem with every team i have managed using this formation. So hopefully on here someone can help. I have attached screenshots of my current tactic and set up as well.
  6. Is there away in player search to search for wonder kids?
  7. I am after some help with my current save. I am managing Exeter City and I have managed to get promoted in my first season. The only problem being they don't have money to bring in players so I am having to play the youngster. But week in week out i am losing games due to the younger players not being good enough for this level. Please can someone advise how i go about making these players better by using training, I have played football manager for numerous years but i have never manager to get my head around developing players works
  8. Is there away to search for wonder kids on player search?
  9. 2nd season - Jul 18, and nope brexit not happened yet.
  10. Doing a save with Aston Villa and just been promoted to Premiership in the my first season. I ask have asked the board to create and link with another club hoping to get offered a European club to help gain work permits, but every time they return with options for the clubs all i get are English clubs, which dose not help with getting work permits and stopping me getting players that require them. Can anyone advise on how i can change this? Thanks
  11. thanks for your reply, do you need these countries playable in your save or if i send my scouts there will that work?
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