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  1. so this is my AC Milan starting 11. Im in my second season 2019/2020 and doing well so far. After 15 games, im very much in the title race. Im also the current Italian cup champion. I guess due to my philosophy, my more technically gifted strikers dont score goals. And as a result, I have felt the need to go with Borini mainly for his experience and great mentality towards the game. My 1sy choice striker however, is Mario Mandzukich. He just returned from injury and i have been playing him regularly for the past few games. No goals yet, but im more concerned about his match fitness f
  2. I dont think i can run a flat 4-4-2 but my sao paulo team comes close...looks terribly odd but i won the pulista cup and im 3rd in the national league currently. Its a system that requires experience in key areas such as the midfield especially. Depending on how my save goes, ill try run a flat 4-4-2 and see how it works.
  3. Im actually in my second season with Valencia. I Finished 4th in my 1st season and made it into champions league. In my 1st season, I made only 1 signing; "Hoffmann" for only £5 million. He made team of the season and his 15 league assists contributed to that!. Now in my Second season, i sold cancelo for about £10 million (Couldn't afford to sell my better players). Got nani and bakkari back in the side, renewed perreira loan and got Nampalys Mendy on loan too. I currently have a balance of £5million transfer budget and projected to pass FFP this season. Things are lookin good!.
  4. I would love to see your Leverkusen tactic if possible. Im sure Leon Bailey is running things for you! I checked out Dario as well. I am scouting him at the moment. he seems pretty serious!... I have the players to play with an AMC by the way. like Franco Vazquez for example. But i feel i need more defensive minded players on the pitch to keep us competitive.
  5. this sounds like the problem is the players themselves. time to start selling bro!!
  6. Simple 4-3-3 .midfield and attack full of workrate Parejo is the glue. never makes a mistake and has 92% pass accuracy from13 games! although a striker, Zaza is my 1st line of defence. Deadly infront of goal for me this season as well. Still trying to find balance in defence but the potential is there. I feel i need a centre back. i leak goals in my opinion. i have conceded about 19 goals in 17 league games. poor! But i am happy that we find consistency in winning. shows the team gels! I just want champions league football although European foot
  7. Is Any of yall able to play with 4 at the back during yo first season with Schalke?...i felt they dont hve the quality in depth at full back especially. They also dont hve enough cash in the bank. So ive been forced to play a 3 at the bk formation...quite honestly...if yo lookin fo a managerial challenge, this is it. You also hve to be more innovative going foward as they dont hve a striker that can easily bag you 30 goals in all competitions. Check em out n help em... lol
  8. You know that message, "sports interactive has quit unexpectedly"??...Well i got it randomly again after recent public beta update (18.3.3). I am running the latest mac version and running the game as is without face packs or watever. I hve taken all the necessary steps to ensure i reduce the risk of the game crashing . Its also important to note that i have never actually gone 2 seasons without the game crashing. Barely 1 and a half even. I really hope Fm 19 is a success after this. I worry for ya'll genuinely. If you read this. Thanks for takin the time to do so 👍🏾
  9. I simply play the best team for the situation. I hve a constant midfield and defence in a 4-2-3-1. The attack is what changes. If players get unhappy i recommend you sell them and bring in someone with similar attributes and thtz ready to accept a lesser contract. They are available 4 sure!!
  10. Public beta 18.3.3 is running well so far. I pray it remains bug free!!
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