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  1. I will try Belarc. I will do another test : is it possible for you to run my save until the 22th of march and to save it ? i will it get back on the ftp server to run it on my pc. Thanks
  2. Yes, i'm sure ! It works on your 2 pc and it doesnt work on my 2 pc ! Strange
  3. Saved game posted on your FTP. The name of saved game is "arno028.fm". The crash will occur the 21/03/2021. Thanks.
  4. I can't install the last version of graphic card driver because the drivers linked into the last post are not certified by the manufacter of the PC (Acer) (message send by a letterbox on the beggining of the installation). The crash occur when i will click on next (continuer on french version) to go to the next day. It's a day after a match day. When the crash occur i'll do nothing only to click on next.
  5. For information, my pc were "young", they were bought on february 2017 for the one which it need to repair and on december 2016 for the second. (Acer VN7 Nitro and Acer Swift 3)
  6. Hi, I've been through all the steps except the item for the preference. Just for your information, the step about the directX has broken my first PC (dark screen after reboot impossible to remove) and i've been must to send to the customers to repair it. I don't want to do again this item on my second pc. So for me, the problem came from the program or my save, because the game works perfectly on my 2 PC since 4 months and now no one of them. Thanks,
  7. Hi, My game is crashing by a FM 2018 Out of memory bug. The program tried to allocate 28615665312 bytes. I don't have add-ons, graphics, just the in-game editor dlc obtain by steam. The version of FM 2018 is 18.2.2. My computer is up to date, i follow the indication of the FAQ except the erasing of the preference because i've tried to perform my save since another computer (with default preferences) and the same bug appears at the same date of the game. What can i do now ? Thanks,
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