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  1. Title pretty much explains the issue. The game will freeze during processing or saving (even staying frozen half an hour later), when looking up the client in task manager it states that football manager is "not responding", happens at the same point in my save no matter how I try to progress (going on holiday vs the normal "next day"). The save is a lower league save with Boston United, database of around 34000 (not sure on the exact number but I can find out if necessary). I believe I have 6 loaded nations with a handful of others on "view only", on setup I had a 4 star run rating. I've tried deleting my game cache and preferences then re-verifying my game cache to no success. I've tried cutting the files from the "sports interactive"" folder to a backup folder on my desktop and loading the game through that way, to no success. I've tried reinstalling the game completely, to no success. I even deleted the dx9 files as suggested in the "crash/game not loading" suggestions section, again to no success. The issue still persists. I play a match then either try to advance the game or save immediately afterwards, regardless at some point before the next match the game freezes. My PC specs are easily above the minimum requirements (I run much more taxing games such as PUBG and Dark Souls 3 and I've checked the minimum requirements which I easily surpass). Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is incredibly frustrating. For reference this has happened to me on two other saves, at multiple points during my Liverpool save (currently in season 4) and at the start of my Southampton save (after the first couple of games). Cheers in advance, Kris
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