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  1. Thats besides the point, they're the best 3 finishers in the league. but I feel nisbet has shown he is currently the best.
  2. Fair point but supply he gets at Celtic is far better than what nisbet gets at hibs. if there was a way of checking id bet my house on it nisbet has a better shot to goal ratio than Edouard, he's not at the level he was at a couple season ago and although I love Griffiths he's not even a starter in one of the worst Celtic teams in a long time.
  3. Martin Boyle's frequently played at striker for hibs this season, needs to be a natural there, also played left wing at times so maybe competent there. he needs an increase to acceleration as he is by far the fastest player in the league over a short burst. he's also hitting the net, he's fifth top goal scorer in the premier this season I feel a fair boost to shooting to 16. Mentally you can tell he's developed and his decisions need increased from 4. Josh Doig, do I really need to say anything else? golden boy of the spfl. Please give this boy an increase to ability and potential.
  4. Just taking forward with his point, which I one hundred percent agree with. Nisbet is the probably the best finisher in Scotland right now, deserves an increase in finishing, off the ball, a huge increase in composure and a small increase for long shots. he's worked his socks off this season and deserves a fair increase in work rate.
  5. Ive come to the conclusion Martin Boyle acceleration has increased this season, His overall speed is second to none, Pace is perfect but acceleration should be in the range of 17-18. Alex Gogic bravery on the pitch is unbelievable and his leadership has come on leaps and bounds this season. Perhaps these need reviewed, in my opinion bravery around 18 leadership, 15, Determination 15-16. Chris Doidge's Ability in the air has been unbelievably overlooked, He's likely the best target man in Scotland right now, I feel Heading should be 17, jumping reach 16, bravery 15, shou
  6. Cleary you don't understand the ability and potential system a player Hamilton save could have 6 4 star rated players but at rangers they would be bordering 2 1/2 -3 stars.
  7. Joe Newell played frequently at left back for Hibernian last season before his injury so perhaps unconvinced/competent?. Alex Gogic aggression should be in the 15-18 definitely not 6 as he is by far most aggressive Hibs player. Said it for a number of years David Gray should be an in the Icon Status simply for scoring a winner in stoppage time against rangers to bring Hibs their first Scottish cup since 1902. Paul Hanlon's hidden stat professionalism should be much higher as he is bordering a model professional. David Grays ability at the start of the game should be lower a
  8. Joe played frequently at left back for Hibs last season. at least unconvincing ability there.
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