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  1. I just phoned Sports Interactive but you just get put on a loop from operator to voicemail, you don't get to speak to an actual human. tbh I don't know why I phoned, to complain? for an explanation.. a shoulder to cry on.. a free copy of FM18, I don't know. I feel lost. I can't bring myself to load it up again. What's FM18 like? The whole group dynamics thing seems a step too far. But I need FM in my life.
  2. I'm still playing FM14 with Arsenal, currently pre-season for 2119/20 but the game has well and truly stiffed me, nearly 4000 hours and 4 years on this career. Zero days spent on holiday. There was a take over and inexplicitly and without any explanation the club went from being worth 2 billion to being 1.8 billion in debt, literally over night. Administrators have taken over the running of the club and are selling all my players for cheap and I can't re-new any contracts for my players and staff. I had no plans on ever quitting this save (I had guinness book of records in my dreams) . The transfer budget is zero and my wage budget has gone from around 5 million a week to 900k and I'm still expected to win the league with whatever reserve players I have left after the transfer window. Every player has low morale and now so do I in my real life.
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