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  1. so my feedback amazing tactic my notts county unbeaten top of the premiership ,now after the new patch , 2 good wins but just got beat 5-2 by Chelsea in the cup so we will see how it goes.
  2. I am season 1 with Leeds , I play the swarm tactic away with 2 dmcs and at home play Viperblade v2.0 soI can vary the tactics -10 pts clear at the top of the league and beat Bolton in league cup final so really impressed, promotion on the cards so see how these tactics do mixed in with the big boys
  3. whats the best formation for keeping it tight at the back ? i'm playing as Leeds Utd and leaking goals !?
  4. hi on both tactics i am unable to do shouts during the match ?? any ideas why this is ?
  5. having same problem , emailed them twice no reply..
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