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  1. Could someone please provide a link to a step-by-step guide to moving a downloaded tactic onto an iPad and using it for FMT? Haven't done this for years, possibly not ever with an iPad, and I'm lost!
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here for a while (probably several years!) but was moved to do so by my current travails. 16 games into my Bundesliga season I have a hopelessly skewed record, with 7 wins from 8 at home, but 6 defeats from 8 on the road. I play a 4-2-3-1 formation, tending to switch between a wide and a narrow incarnation depending on perceived strength of the opposition. Away from home I normally begin with a 'Defensive' variant on the narrow formation, which last season seemed to improve solidity; but now I am suffering consecutive narrow defeats which, while narrow, are defeats all the same. I am worried there is something I am fundamentally missing in how I should adapt my approach away from home: as above, I do try to tighten it up, but clearly this isn't enough. Any 'playing away for dummies' tips I might have been neglecting?
  3. Does anyone else agree that this seems basically broken? Two of my players have been repeatedly telling me all season that they want a new challenge. This comes in a season when we are properly challenging for the Premier League title for the first time, so it seems surprising that they feel they have achieved all they can. Tonight my left back took the biscuit - if we win our next game, we will secure the title, for the first time under my management (and the first time for this particular player). Less than one week before potentially winning the title, he comes to me yet again saying he feels he's achieved all he can. This just doesn't make any sense? Or if it's driven by something else beyond the obvious, there needs to be more explanation of why it's happening. Too much in the player interaction model seems either nonsensical or unexplained (cf. my striker telling me there's no way he can continue under my management, and less than a week later his info screen telling me he's happy to be at the club. If things have changed, or he has a short attention span (!), or he's just a very reactionary kind of person - shouldn't I receive some indication?).
  4. Is this a bug, or intentional? I can pick up the little 'c' and drag it, but I can't drop it on an alternative player.
  5. Yes I have this all the time, it's incredibly annoying. Especially since the much talked about new Player Interaction module doesn't let us interact with the player to understand why on earth he is rejecting all the loan offers!
  6. It doesn't "affect" the Jumping attribute. It is one input into how the researcher judges what value to give for the Jumping attribute. But it has no effect in the game.
  7. Good luck with that, he's infuriatingly mercurial in my Arsenal team (also came in for free). My coaches think he's one of my best players but he only performs 1 game in 5!
  8. Scoring from corners has definitely been corrected in a non-exploit situation (out of the box settings). I didn't test exploit either before or after patch.
  9. You know what this is, because it's happened to you a million times. Your player takes a corner, it's headed clear to another of your players around the halfway line, and he plays a long ball to the corner taker, who is offside. This happens over, and over, and over again. The player has no common sense. You would expect this from time to time in real life, but the majority of the time, either (a) the player would have the sense to get back onside, or (b) the other player would have the sense not to make the pass. This AI issue has existed in the game for at least the last two editions, and it's immensely frustrating. This reached a head for me last night when chasing a lead; three consecutive corners ended up in a needless offside giving the ball back to the opposition. Surely this is a reasonably quick fix; I hadn't mentioned it before because I simply assumed it would be picked up and dealt with in FM11. But it's still there in FM12 and as annoying as ever!
  10. I'm still finding two things incredibly frustrating: * It's almost impossible to loan out most players, with lower-division clubs seemingly too reluctant to take a gamble on young loanees - and on the rare occasion I do have an offer, my youngsters will pretty often reject them (for no apparent reason - it would be good if we had some feedback on why). * Out-of-contract players consistently rejecting contract offers from apparently attractive clubs. Again, this happens for no apparent reason, and leads some high-quality international players to be out of football for many months or years at a time.
  11. Ack, it's just frustrating as I find it nigh on impossible to loan anyone out. Finally got Frimpong to Wigan on a 1-monther after over a year of looking for a club, and they wanted to extend, but now I'm back to square one trying to find him somewhere to get some football!
  12. Hit the 'reject' button by mistake, but haven't continued game. However in the Transfer Centre all options are greyed out. Is there no way I can undo? If not, perhaps something to consider for the next game? Before continuing the game it would be nice to be able to revise or undo any of my decisions.
  13. Any plans to increase AI transfer aggression in the post-January patch? There doesn't seem to be anything about it here. I fear the changes required are too wholesale to make it into a patch and we'll have to wait for FM13, but it would be good to have confirmation.
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