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  1. Here goes my 3421 experiment. I've had a hard time deciding on the style of play I want to implement. In the end I've decided to work on a counter tactic, just because I haven't done this yet in FM18. In my opinion attacking tactics are working a lot better this year. It is a lot harder to defend, as opposed to last year. And as this is an experiment, why not add an extra challenge : ) I've created 3 tactics. For 3 different match situations. I'll always start out with the counter tactic and change it depending on how the game is going. For this I set up some match plans. So far I haven't signed anyone but my director of football is working on a loan deal for Hazard and transfers of Zapata and Ben Arfa. Lets see if he can do what I ask of him. Pre-season has been pretty decent so far. I've played every tactic 3 times. 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. First match of the season coming up. BUT! The real me has decided to go cook while the virtual me will go on a holiday : ). The tactic has been created, the squad has been chosen, transfers are on the way & training is set. Lets see how well my plans work when I'm not allowed to tinker with them every other match. I'll post the results once the holiday is done
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