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  1. Indeed, it works now with your suggestion. The fourth tier is playable but without any teams relegating from / being promoted to it. I just choose not to have it playable when I set up my game. Thank you for your help.
  2. I also thought about that, but I guess, I would end up with the same issues in those divisions. But thank you very much for trying to help.
  3. I have tried somehow making a round under the main division Scandinavian Leagues, which takes the qualified team from each sub-leauge and has three promotion places, but I still get the same results. It might be an idea though.
  4. Thanks! I will try changing things around and see if I hit something
  5. It look like the three "best" teams are simply promoted no matter what divisions they come from.
  6. I just ran two tests of your file and the promoted teams are still the same. Thanks for the tip about Huddinge. Here are the promoted teams: Test 1 Season 2: Örgryte IS (Swedish Leagues) Åsane (Norwegian Leagues) Landskrona BOIS (Swedish Leagues) Season 3: Gefle IF (Swedish Leagues) Varbergs BOiS (Swedish Leagues) Elverum (Norwegian) Season 4: Fredrikstad (Norwegian Leagues) Nest-Sotra (Norwegian Leagues) Strømmen (Norwegian Leagues) Test 2: Season 2: Örgryte IS (Swedish Leagues) Gefle IF (Swedish Leagues) Landskrona BOIS (Swedish Leagues) Season 3: Kongsvinger (Norwegian Leagues) Jerv (Norwegian Leagues) Nest-Sotra (Norwegian Leagues) Season 4: Mjøndalen (Norwegian Leagues) Varbergs BOiS (Swedish Leagues) Arendal (Norwegian Leagues)
  7. Here it is. In this version I've tried creating rounds for each child division with individual promoting places, but in-game it stil doesn't result in one team from each nation/child division getting promoted. Your solution with using regional division settings for the relegated teams works. My only problem now is that I can't make it so that 1 team from each child division/nation gets promoted from Scandinavian Leagues to Skandinaviske 2. Division. Thank you so much for looking into it. Skandi 28.fmf
  8. So I've set regional divisions for all the teams and when they are relegated to the lower division, they end up in the correct child division. However, I still don't get one team from each division/nation to promote. The lower division has three child competitions. I've tried to have one team from each to be promoted by making three rounds in the lower division. They get teams from each child competetion with one promotion place, still the promoted teams seem random. Like 2 Norwegian and 1 Swedish.
  9. I've used Denmark as nation for the competition. All teams from Norway and Sweden are now in the Danish league system.
  10. But how will the relegated teams then distribute themselves to the child divisions?
  11. I couldn't figure out how the relegated teams were supposed to enter the right division by your suggested system, but you gave me the idea doing something similar, so thank you! The 3. tier has 42 teams which by season start are divided into 3 groups by latiture (followed by joint promotion play-off). I just mimicked this system in the lower league, so that the 162 teams are divided into three groups and one team from each group is promoted to the 3. tier. This doesn't exactly course one team from each nation to be promoted, but it makes it far more equal than before.
  12. I am creating a league of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish teams. The lowest playable league is the third tier, which has three teams relegated. I would like the teams promoted from the non-playable fourth tier to the third tier to be one Danish, one Norwegian and one Swedish. I've sorted all teams in three secondary divisions, identifying their nationalities, but I can't figure out a way to use it in order to promote one team of each nationality. If anybody knows how, I would be very grateful!
  13. I would like to edit the LTF file for the Danish translation of Football Manager 2018, but I can't find it in the usual folder under Events. Do anybody know where to locate the files of the various language files of the game. I can only locate the Example file, which would require an enitre new translation and I only want to make some minor changes that really mar the experience. Mainly during match commentary. Best regards
  14. Hello again I have previously made a post about my difficulties creating a merged Scandinavian league. I am now almost finished, but I still have some minor problems, with which I hope someone will be able to help me. 1) Initial TV Money I have used the settings for each league called “Intial TV Money” and just typed in the amount without any specific latest league positions. This works perfectly for most teams, however I have been able to identify two teams, who do not receive the correct amount. The teams Molde FK and Vålerenga only receive a very small amount of money and this is constantly the case. Through the seasons and through different test runs. I don't know why these two teams don't recieve the correct amount. They are both Norwegian, but other Norwegian teams like Odd or Brann do recieve the money. Does anybody know what might cause this problem or how to solve it? My final solution would be to just add the TV Money to the Prize Money, but I’d rather keep them apart for a flatter payout between the teams. 2) League history As all the teams have been transferred to an entire new league system, I would like the league history shown on the teams’ front pages to start out as empty, i.e. not show the teams’ league history from their respective former national leagues. The league history of the Swedish and Norwegian teams do start from scratch, but the Danish teams still have their league history from when they played in the Danish divisions. My league is set in Denmark. Of course, the final solution would be to just let it stay there, but it gets a bit confusing, as the league history graph sometimes identify positions obtained in the new Scandinavian league system as positions in the now extinct Danish league system. 3) Goal awards Goal Awards do not work. The leagues have “Goal of the Week” and “Goal of the Year” and both remain forever greyed out. I have copied existing goal awards, so I don’t understand why this won’t work. Other people seem to have had this problem as well though. My final solution would be to simply remove these awards.
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