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  1. Thank you I will look at them, and sorry if this post was redundant, as it seems
  2. Hello fellow editors I am trying to add the 4th level to the Danish leagues (Danmarksserien) myself, because there is a mistake in all the downloadable versions I've found. It's a league of 40 teams which are divided in 4 regionalized groups each season. In the game however the teams are divided in 4 sub-tournament, which makes the constillations of teams very messy after a few years besides also being an incorrect practice, as the distribution of teams should be reconsidered each season - this could of course result in small inaccuracies during first season but would in the long run be far more precise. This could be corrected by collecting all teams in one tournament with group settings (the 3rd level uses this practice). I can't do this in the basic editor, because the Danish league structure changes after the 19/20 season, causing the first played season to have an unusual number of promotions and relegations. I have tried all sorts of solutions during the last week with both regular and advanced editor, but it is to difficult for me. Question is: Is there perhaps a way of re-sorting all teams of the 4 sub-tournaments each season? Or a way to change this structure into one tournament with group settings without messing up the rest of the national league structure? If somebody should be interested in creating a correct expansion of the Danish league, all details for the 4th level are:
  3. Indeed, it works now with your suggestion. The fourth tier is playable but without any teams relegating from / being promoted to it. I just choose not to have it playable when I set up my game. Thank you for your help.
  4. I also thought about that, but I guess, I would end up with the same issues in those divisions. But thank you very much for trying to help.
  5. I have tried somehow making a round under the main division Scandinavian Leagues, which takes the qualified team from each sub-leauge and has three promotion places, but I still get the same results. It might be an idea though.
  6. Thanks! I will try changing things around and see if I hit something
  7. It look like the three "best" teams are simply promoted no matter what divisions they come from.
  8. I just ran two tests of your file and the promoted teams are still the same. Thanks for the tip about Huddinge. Here are the promoted teams: Test 1 Season 2: Örgryte IS (Swedish Leagues) Åsane (Norwegian Leagues) Landskrona BOIS (Swedish Leagues) Season 3: Gefle IF (Swedish Leagues) Varbergs BOiS (Swedish Leagues) Elverum (Norwegian) Season 4: Fredrikstad (Norwegian Leagues) Nest-Sotra (Norwegian Leagues) Strømmen (Norwegian Leagues) Test 2: Season 2: Örgryte IS (Swedish Leagues) Gefle IF (Swedish Leagues) Landskrona BOIS (Swedish Leagues) Season 3: Kongsvinger (Norwegian Leagues) Jerv (Norwegian Leagues) Nest-Sotra (Norwegian Leagues) Season 4: Mjøndalen (Norwegian Leagues) Varbergs BOiS (Swedish Leagues) Arendal (Norwegian Leagues)
  9. Here it is. In this version I've tried creating rounds for each child division with individual promoting places, but in-game it stil doesn't result in one team from each nation/child division getting promoted. Your solution with using regional division settings for the relegated teams works. My only problem now is that I can't make it so that 1 team from each child division/nation gets promoted from Scandinavian Leagues to Skandinaviske 2. Division. Thank you so much for looking into it. Skandi 28.fmf
  10. So I've set regional divisions for all the teams and when they are relegated to the lower division, they end up in the correct child division. However, I still don't get one team from each division/nation to promote. The lower division has three child competitions. I've tried to have one team from each to be promoted by making three rounds in the lower division. They get teams from each child competetion with one promotion place, still the promoted teams seem random. Like 2 Norwegian and 1 Swedish.
  11. I've used Denmark as nation for the competition. All teams from Norway and Sweden are now in the Danish league system.
  12. But how will the relegated teams then distribute themselves to the child divisions?
  13. I couldn't figure out how the relegated teams were supposed to enter the right division by your suggested system, but you gave me the idea doing something similar, so thank you! The 3. tier has 42 teams which by season start are divided into 3 groups by latiture (followed by joint promotion play-off). I just mimicked this system in the lower league, so that the 162 teams are divided into three groups and one team from each group is promoted to the 3. tier. This doesn't exactly course one team from each nation to be promoted, but it makes it far more equal than before.
  14. I am creating a league of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish teams. The lowest playable league is the third tier, which has three teams relegated. I would like the teams promoted from the non-playable fourth tier to the third tier to be one Danish, one Norwegian and one Swedish. I've sorted all teams in three secondary divisions, identifying their nationalities, but I can't figure out a way to use it in order to promote one team of each nationality. If anybody knows how, I would be very grateful!
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