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  1. Ah ok then, thanks and sorry to be a bother. Have a good night
  2. Hey, thanks for that. I just spotted that the version I seen related to the game when clicking on the "about FM" part. So I guess it will be the correct database then? I guess it is not shown anywhere? Just I'd like to play the game with the hidden gems I have found on other FM17 games before they are signed up or moved clubs and not available at the beginning. Thanks
  3. Hi Currently playing FM17 and just tried to start a new game, a few times, and each time I select the original database 17.1 rather than 17.3. When it all loads up the new game, I have checked the game status and it says the current database is 17.3. Am I missing something on getting the original database used for a game or is it not possible? Thanks J
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