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  1. Wow, a very long story that is rare but very appreciated and welcomed. You certainly seen decent at this game! Thank your for commenting
  2. I would’ve thought L’pool and Man U, to see who can have the most top flight titles, no? Serious question though, will the other save be stopping?
  3. This will take a loooong time. Good luck
  4. I am playing a Worldwide journeyman game and am in my first job with Liaoning in the Chinese Super League. With the expectation of avoiding relegation, I am doing fairly well, but I feel that in a few months time I may be attracted to a job elsewhere. If I apply, will the board find out and potentially sack me? What about if I apply for multiple jobs?
  5. I would love to play and forge the history of the game myself, and see my beloved Tottenham pop up a few years later, and see who becomes the force in this world, however I don’t think the gameplay would change that much, just the history
  6. Sometimes these things are odd. I was asked to finish top half in the prem and came tenth, which is top half, but the board were upset. Just try and get as many points as you can
  7. All sounds good guys! Im glad this topic consistently gets post, let’s keep it going!
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