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  1. I would’ve thought L’pool and Man U, to see who can have the most top flight titles, no? Serious question though, will the other save be stopping?
  2. [FM18] Everton - Bringing Glory to Goodison

    Will there be any more transfers
  3. Your best/longest career?

    Nice careers guys
  4. Your best/longest career?

    Fair enough. Anyone else?
  5. [FM18] MLS

    This will take a loooong time. Good luck
  6. What league are they in?
  7. I am playing a Worldwide journeyman game and am in my first job with Liaoning in the Chinese Super League. With the expectation of avoiding relegation, I am doing fairly well, but I feel that in a few months time I may be attracted to a job elsewhere. If I apply, will the board find out and potentially sack me? What about if I apply for multiple jobs?
  8. [FM18] Opportunities arise for both brothers

    Interesting... let’s go!
  9. Historical FM game

    I would love to play and forge the history of the game myself, and see my beloved Tottenham pop up a few years later, and see who becomes the force in this world, however I don’t think the gameplay would change that much, just the history