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  1. Lovely clean skin. Is there any chance you could make the BBC skin but in dark? I love the Yellow accent colour against Black.
  2. Haha no chance man. PLAY EVERY GAME!
  3. Big thanks to you for your beautiful player profile mate
  4. Enjoy mate, Can't beat that New Skin/New Save buzz.
  5. My first attempt at a skin. It's mostly edited from TCS & Wozzie's great skins. I made it for myself originally but people have been asking me to share so here it is. Works best on 95% zoom and icons only for sidebar. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/yztyocwyjqbae2h/Newton_Skin.rar/file
  6. I've been in hospital and i'm only just out. I will upload at the weekend. I appreciate your interest.
  7. Next few days, still messing about with things. Also never actually uploaded a link before haha. I'm sure it can't be hard.
  8. Still working on this and need to ask permission from other skinners before i add a download link. here's my new Twitter page
  9. Been messing about with some of my favorite panels and graphics from other skins. happy with where its at.
  10. That's a thing of beauty mate, any chance of sharing the panels and graphics?
  11. Yeah that doesn't work hence why i said a "sure fire" way to fix it.
  12. Did anyone ever find a sure fire way to get rid of the tunnels in the stands?
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