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  1. That's a thing of beauty mate, any chance of sharing the panels and graphics?
  2. Yeah that doesn't work hence why i said a "sure fire" way to fix it.
  3. Did anyone ever find a sure fire way to get rid of the tunnels in the stands?
  4. NO the video doesn't work. Anyway I've got everything working, only the video ad boards only display one ad, was wondering if anyone else has came across a similar problem.
  5. Anyway its more the ad boards that's annoying me, i can get the static boards to work but the HD one's show black, read through any form with advice but nothing seeems to work.
  6. Well that video dose not work....
  7. I wish someone would make a video tutorial on how to properly add pitch textures and ad boards, I've tried everything people have wrote in this forum and still nothing works.
  8. The stadium's in game are pretty abysmal, you've managed to make stadium's that look like no stadium in the world, 50,000 seat stadiums with the corners missing and a stupid screen, it just isn't realistic, and although its not the biggest issue it does help to get immersed in the game, shouldn't be too hard to have a basic stadium editor. cheers and sorry for moaning. Keep up the good work SI
  9. Cheers man, big help. much respect.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with something i'm rather new to editing FM, I would like to import a few things from various skins, Firstly the full sized Twitter page for the Social feed and secondly the Sky Sports page for the news feed. i don't know what files to move over to the skin i'm using and would appreciate any help from the community. The Twitter one is from YTS2 The Sky one is from OPZ Elite any help would be great thanks.
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