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  1. Hi I just want to know how the managerial rankings work on the game cos im 11 seasons in and I have won 10 league titles, 10 champs leagues, 8 euro super cups, 9 f.a cups, 9 world club cups, 4 league cups, handful of community shields and the world cup with brazil (who were ranked 14th in world when I took over) yet im still 5th best manager???
  2. Yeah please it just after going 46 league games unbeaten (which makes my invincibles better than arsenals lmao) just felt like oh ok not even a message in the inbox
  3. @James Akintayo hi james can you look into the above just if you can win the league unbeaten you deserve media recognition especially when if other teams go 15 or more unbeaten then get turned over there is a press release on it their run coming to an end I have screenshots and a save for it if needed
  4. I have just won the vanarama national league with truro city and we did it as invincibles completely unbeaten yet there has been absolutely no recognition on the game?? Why is it that I have no recognition?? I dont care if I dont unlock anything for doing it like if I did the invincibles challenge but at least some recognition like when I win the league wouldn't go a miss
  5. Yeah but now your la liga you must be starting to get decent money in and influence on the board increasing capacity? Im not saying its the only reason you only slowly building up rep, time is another reason look at phil brown in real life between his time at bolton and hull built up a decent rep now though......who would hire him above mid table league 1......just stick at the job your doing it'll start going up
  6. @Johnlancs did you win the league on each occasion? Or promoted 2nd and have you won any domestic cups along the way? As these are a good way to boost rep with truro I was promoted from vns playoffs then 2nd in vnl and playoffs in league 2 in succesive seasons and was still unknown then won f.a trophy and lost in playoffs final for league 1 but started going to obscure then next league 1 season won the league semi of check a trade trophy got 5th round in carabao cup and fourth rd in fa then jumped to national until 5 seasons later when I steered them into a europa league spot and won carabao cup and semi in f.a cup.....basically sometimes I think its not just achievements such as climbing league's its sometimes how much you do in a season I.e cup progression as well as promotion and league standing also I think it sometimes down to club stature as well like just cos i got truro to prem in 7 seasons didnt mean they were a massive rep club so I think sometimes if a bigger club came in for you and you accepted it you see the rep jump right up
  7. On point 3 every stadium in world can only be developed to certain point before a new one is need to keep increasing capacity. And on thr subject of capacity it makes no difference to the game I have developed anfield 4 seasons in a row won league, cl, europa super cup, club world cup, fa cup both seasonsseason and still had the same money to spend each year so please just drop this obsession lol
  8. I just thought id check for the Liverpool board of directors have you programmed hicks and gillet in again? Just finished my third season 3rd league title 3rd cl and 2nd club world cup in a row and foreign investors wanted to invest large sum of money so I tokd chairman to do it and was given 186mil in the close season tried my hardest to buy asenio or mbappe but couldnt anyway start the new season and boom rather than adding tv revenue to the already large kitty they take it DOWN to 106mil gggrrrr has to be the swindlers cant be new england sports ventures lol
  9. I'll have to check if I can go back that far in news feed.
  10. Hi i've noticed in December Im not being informed of all the players who are out of contract at end of season and therefore I lost divock origi and alberto moreno after having been playing them to boost their value. However with divock origi ibwas told I would get 31.5m in compensation which nearly half a season after he left im.still waiting for.
  11. @James Akintayo hi james thanks for replying mate so is this gonna be fixed this season or is it something your looking at having sorted for next seasons version?
  12. I have noticed if you end up winning the league your pre season is dramatically cut from 4 friendlies down to one and the community shield when in real.life that wouldnt stop.a team going off on a pre season tour somewhere to play 4 friendlies .
  13. Hope so I do think a few things.need ironing out and some of the potential ratings for youngsters are awful.
  14. @Gobkin can I.just ask out of pure curiosity and boredom of this thread what is your obsession with these capacities about? Especially on the mobile version where capacity of stadium is reletively unimportant (trust me I took truro city from vanarama south to champions league winners and in the 4 seasons in the prem the only effect on what money became available was what I won). I just dont get it ok so its 1,000 odd seats out oooooooo big whoop come on mate give them bit of credit they been fixing other actual major issues in game play know what I mean
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