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  1. I regularly get sent these news items when managing an international team but the information shown is incorrect. Bjorkan did play in Sociedad's 1-0 defeat against Feyenoord, but he played 90 mins, got a 7.4 rating and didn't assist any goals because Sociedad didn't score any. Can provide plenty more examples and a save file if required.
  2. Here you go @tomas1, was a bit of an epic! https://fmsamo.com/category/samos-stirling/?order=asc
  3. Good luck @tomas1, I had an incredible save with Stirling on FM18 in an edited Scottish league structure.
  4. We're all aware of how this looks by now. I'd like to suggest some tweaks and additions be made to it to help us when deciding who to pick to play against in friendlies. I'd like to see some extra information added to this screen, maybe the country the clubs are from and the league they play in. A lot of the time my decisions on friendlies are based where the clubs are based, picking a mix of clubs from different countries that are relatively closeby. What does that monetary value relate to? Is it the money that club pays you to play them if you're playing away? Is it profit after
  5. The main reason at the time of creating the tactic was that I still had quite limited players, so wanted to keep it as simple as possible, alongside really liking the movement I was seeing from the role with the added PIs and I think the CF(S) has dribble more as a set PI, which I'd rather let the individual player decide on. Good to hear it worked well for you. It plays some lovely stuff, which is why I can't bring myself to move away from using it!
  6. Thanks for all the kind comments chaps! This is very much just a fantasy database but I do really hate our current league setup. It's boring to play on FM too so that's why I wanted to make this new one. I had a great save in Germany on FM17 and thought the 18 team leagues and just playing each other twice would work really well. The teams are in leagues based on their standings from the 2016/17 season
  7. Anyone planning to play on this now the season is over for something a bit different?
  8. Hi @scott_c13, sorry I've only just come on and seen your note! Have you worked out how to get it in-game? Once you've downloaded it you need to add the file to your editor data in the FM18 documents folder. When you load up the game it'll appear under Scotland if you've got it ticked to load up.
  9. Prize money does go down all the levels quite sensibly I think @grade, the Scottish Cup also offers an alternative way for the clubs lower down the pyramid to earn a bit of money too.
  10. Sounds great! I really didn't fancy doing any regionalisation for mine, but the Scottish Cup remains and is all in from the 2nd round. Makes for a really fun knockout cup.
  11. Cool, sounds fun. I wanted to stay away from regionalisation, and just make it an absolute free for all in the leagues. Also wanted to use as many real, active clubs as possible to at least keep it a little bit realistic, but I do love a more fantasy structure too!
  12. There's 2 clubs that's how many teams are active in the db!
  13. Yup, it's purely teams from the database. Third Lanark, and additionally Renton, are in there as extinct teams, so they've just been resurrected. Here's how Division 15 looks teams-wise.
  14. Hello :waves: My name is FMSamo and I blog about FM. I'm also from Scotland, and ahead of FM18 launching I decided that I wanted to edit the structure of the Scottish leagues on the game to prevent me from getting ridiculously bored playing against the same teams four times a season. Just to reiterate, unlike @Morrissey's excellent effort at getting the whole official Scottish pyramid working in-game, mine is purely made up. I'm hugely passionate about Scottish football and promoting it in a good light, but I bloody hate our league structure! My edited database consists of 288 clubs
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