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  1. >Is this purely down to my captain having lower Determination than these players? I think so. Currently you can't protect your young players from this effect, so that only way to avoid this is sell or release your captain as soon as possible.
  2. Hi, he want to join Stuttgart since they want him, but they were already defeated in CL group stage and their current league position is a bit hopeless for next CL. even worse, I 'm not allowed to tell him that - there's no convesation option to tell he can't play CL this season (plus possibly next season, too) Is He too brainless to realize that? or is My manager too brainless to tell him he is unable to play at CL? or Is it a bug?
  3. wsmile

    Coaches losing stars?

    How old is the coach? Staffs also lose attributes after their peak age.
  4. I felt the same, Playtime and League reputation is (too?) much important for development, especially for Top of footballers in the world (= requires huge amount of development). Most of top players in my save were first team player at non-big club in top leagues, when he was 19-23. Then they joined to absolute top clubs like Man City, PSG, and so on On the other hand, Promising youngsters who joined to top clubs at the age of 16-20, they go to long loan journy or reserves for years as usual, which result in (a) little development. In the top clubs, Difinitely too many youngsters with superb potential can't go further above 'just good for smaller clubs' , but still young people willingly join them. LOL.
  5. I noticed influencial member's personality affects younger players, no matter how (good or bad) coach says, it's just like copying personality without tutoring. I think it is intentional but getting and keeping good personality is much harder now.
  6. wsmile

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    "Youth level football saffered from unambitious syndrome" half of my new green name intakes are unambitious how about whole portuguese? even though they are considered to be worth having contract, more than 1/4 of them are unambitious.
  7. You have one more filter, Scout recommendation. Scouts ignore players with Low recommendation score, minimum recommendeation score can be selectable, but 50 is the absolute limit. Most youngsters can't reach even this score of 50, because their low current ability, low judged potential (and low reputation maybe?), while highly recommended youngsters are often found in top leading clubs in the nation or worldwide big clubs. Plus, Since scouts try to find best future signings, they tend to watch clubs with high reputation more often. watch small clubs far less often.
  8. wsmile

    Scouting Knowledge

    In my current game, one scout is sent to scandinavia and gain knowledge as I expected, because of activated leagues. another scout is sent to north africa, and he hardly gain knowledge because lack of games to watch. all He can watch was continental conpetition of club teams and International games.
  9. wsmile

    Scouting Knowledge

    Egypt, and Nigeria leagues are not playable in FM18, so Scouts can't watch any match in these nations. Thus can't get knowledge of these nations, I guess.