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  1. Yeah I got the same issue alcohlicsocks. Hopefully They find the issue soon an make it playable as I can’t play it online until it’s fixed
  2. Gets stuck when you save the game online too now, then when you restart the save is corrupt and won’t load up lol itl be fm 2022 by the time we get to play this one
  3. Hi rob, I have the same issue as this person that’s posted. Mine is a weekly save 3 rolling, and mine got stuck on the 29th sept, playing as manutd & mancity 2 users on Xbox series x loading 10 nations. It got stuck on this date as we restarted the game an the save has gone. We found it after a few restarts an it’s unable to load the save game this has happened multiple times. So we started the game again and same thing happened but 10 days into the season we couldn’t save the game at all just gets stuck on “saving”
  4. We were on 26th September, 2021 playing as manutd & mancity, 10 leagues loaded in xbox series x can't progress past the date above we saved the game an now the saved game as disappeared. 2 players playing
  5. I play the Xbox series x version. we play a online game, he plays Man City & I play Manchester United. please see attached photo of the freeze, it doesn’t move an we can’t go any further.
  6. Stuck on any game on multiplayer online before a match. Games still unplayable online please help? It’s not just me who’s suffering from this bug it’s people on Twitter aswel
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