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  1. Worst regen names

    I had a dutch/congolese DM called 'Bigger Wangu'.... Made me laugh when I got the headline 'Wangu makes big impression'
  2. I have two distinct styles against small or normal clubs i play attractive and attacking football using a 4-1-2-2-1. Against larger teams and bigger games I play a rigged 4-1-4-1 which at first is set to counter attack and defend, then if i take the lead I change my style to keep ball
  3. Brazilian Names

    My Brazilian nickname is Ginhosa, I am quite gutted about that as I sound more like a sexually transmitted disease than a Brazilian number 10 lol
  4. Moving old firm to epl

    See I just get bored with that, as I want to play as Rangers but after a while you just dominate and the game becomes boring and repetive, as a Rangers fan IRL I really find the current set up in the SPL very boring and tedious. I just wish it would go up to 16 teams IRL. So me and a few friends are going to do a little challenge, to see who can take the Old Firm the farthest in England! (It's in the bag lads )
  5. Moving old firm to epl

    Once the update is out. I'm going to do a similar thing but put them in the Champ and then move to champ teams in into league one and then so on and so forth untill blue square and then put the two lowest in the spl and move them down to 1st or 2nd
  6. The update 12.2.0 is here!

    Absolutely gutted, I got a semi there when I seen this thread... now... I'm as flat as a pancake!
  7. Football Manager 2013

    Not a necasery feature but I would like to have the option for you or even the board to change your strip every few years. In a long term save it can become rather annoying looking at the same strip year after year. Plus in terms of revenue in real life it is a major thing every year or 2
  8. Yes steam is a nightmare! I often play offline and I find it so annoying that at times I can't load my games because even though I have my settings set to offline it still plays up. I find it very irritating that it has been forced upon me. I know Sigames do it to prevent piracy, but they are also alienating quite a lot of people who hate or do not use steam.
  9. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Rino looks like he would be a San Marino legend right away!! lol
  10. Awesome Work! I'm really tempted to give the Azerbaijan league a go
  11. not sure if it has been posted but I would like my board or even myself to choose a new strip every few years. It is really annoying Ten years into the game and you see the same home and away top every game
  12. Strange and unusual takeovers?

    In my current save Dunfermline were saved from administration by a Russian Consortium and are now well off St. Mirren were bought out by someone from portugal and are now rich The weirdest one though is Queens park being bought over by a Russian Consortium and are now in the top 40 estimated values for clubs!! lol in that same period they were also relagated to the Scottish 3rd Division
  13. I wouldnt sign him his decisions are only 2 and with his PA (152), it won't go up that much maybe 5, 6 at the most
  14. Some poetic justice for Jay lol. England went out in the group stages only scoring 2 goals. The manager didnt get the sack aswell. In real life if he left the FW player of the year and european golden boot winner out of his squad and they did that bad there would be a national outcry in England.