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  1. Dumb question, but currently doing a Blackburn save on FM18, and my keeper is phenomenal on penalties. I don't think I've seen so many pens get saved in a single career for me. He is amazing and has won me so many games and shootouts now.
  2. There's a post barely a few posts below this thread alleging that SI deliberately code games so that you can't have long winning streaks, and this forum is littered with people complaining about how difficult the game is, and how ever with City/Arsenal/United/Chelsea/Barcelona/Madrid, they lose to relegation teams and THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. The issue is, it's a game. I'm very good at FIFA, and online games aside, the AI holds no challenge for me. FM is a game where you play against the AI. I am someone who doesn't win the league, unless I'm overwhelmingly favourite to do so. I don't overachieve a lot most of the time, I usually just about finish one or two places above where predicted. If the game is made harder, I won't enjoy it as much. Most people play this game casually. You can't make a game with the top players in mind only
  3. There are many issues with making FM more realistic. At this point, I would assume it's nigh on impossible for Miles and co to make genuinely huge changes in the code, with how complex it must have gotten over the years. Unless they have also been getting rid of old code, I'm also going to assume a lot of the base for the game is much older code that is still kept in code, which is why some of the features don't really change. Now for the more obvious issues. Realistically, you're going to need a 10-15 year save to get a Conference team to the Premier League. You will then need 4-5 years to stabilise there. How many people will play 20 seasons to get their team into a position where they can think of getting top 6 or sneaking in via the 7th spot before taking on the top 6? Let alone the title, which should take around 25-30 seasons. Even the best case scenarios people quote like Bournemouth are still stabilising in the PL, and are almost always at risk of relegation. And then maybe you just directly win the CL, but still, that's a heck of a long save for most people. I've never done 30 seasons, just to put this into context. We then have challenges like the Gibraltar challenge. Realistically, no team in that league should ever win the CL. They should only be grow to an extent. They shouldn't be able to get the sponsorship and attendances they do manage to. Who would like that? If you start off unemployed and Sunday League, it should take you 10-15 seasons of constant hard work to get to a Championship club, let alone something in the PL. Not many managers get their first big gig there. Howe is the youngest, but he's a very exceptional case, in that he took Bournemouth there. Realism is an idea that sounds nice, but how many people would play a game like this? Realistically, you should be sacked every 2nd season after the slightest dip in form. FM is very forgiving. I was 6th for the majority of a title winning season, then won 13 in a row or something in a recent save. In reality, I'd be sacked well before that 13 in a row.
  4. Pretty sure best position and preferred position is not always the same.
  5. Will Trippier be happy to see Walker come in at Atletico? I don't think so. Companionship is something all players desire but not in their own position
  6. That seems to be a bug. I've been studying in Bologna for the past year, and there is no way only 10k go to attend them reaching the final.
  7. Interesting experiment, but I went on Reddit, and OP had state of the art youth facilities and exceptional youth coaching, so those are possibly factors to consider. Perhaps for these specific vectors, the production is wonkily tilted towards high CA/comparitively Low PA? Admittedly, his sample size is very low to draw a conclusion, but I would suggest those two parameters should be what the focus should be on while testing? Once youth coaching goes above a certain level, I have noticed a similar trend to the OP, albeit with no data to back me up right now
  8. I was 5-1 up in the 82nd minute and went to get some water. I returned to find that we'd lost the cup final on penalties.
  9. I've had that happen too, but didn't really mention it because fans do get annoyed at times about this.
  10. Yes, it is technically a horrific signing. It's just worked out because his pace+Finishing+Off the ball+somewhat decent composure is very, very good for the Welsh league. He's absolutely awful in every other facet of the game, with no real first touch, no passing, nothing of note whatsoever, and a one star rating compared to the rest of the squad. He also benefits from having by far the best midfield behind him creating chances, and by far the best wingers in the league. That said, there aren't many good strikers available, and for how well he's done, it should still somewhat balance fan opinion. We're on track to win the league, thanks to him, and the club (Haverford west) should not have any real chance of winning the league, but a couple of years of Europa League money and two amazing youth products changed a lot. I just think it's still a bit unrealistic considering he's putting up good numbers. After two bad games, the fans become convinced he's the poor signing they thought he was, then again go back to the status in the OP
  11. Tbf, it's Bellerin, I'd more shocked when he completes a cross for us :P
  12. While dynamics isn't perfect, your example is not a great one. If Man Utd bring in Kane, Rashford won't be happy that they brought in an English lad. He'll be disappointed that Man Utd got a player that will replace him
  13. I'm playing FM18, so not FM19, this may have been improved, but I'm not sure if it has. If it has, please ignore. Fans do not change their mind about a transfer. I signed a striker who is patently not good enough for my team. He's a garbage striker, whose only attribute is pace. Which isn't an issue, because we're playing in a ****** league. And though we're winning the league, and the striker has 11 goals and 4 assists in his first 12 League games, fans are disappointed by his performance, and appear to believe they were correct in thinking he was a disappointing signing. Overall, adding the cups, he has 13 goals and 5 assists in 18 games. I don't think fans should be disappointed by a start like this, these are pretty good numbers. Yet, I've seen overall that fans don't change their mind about a signing. If they're very happy about one, they'll be happy, even though performances aren't that great. But if they hate someone, they hate him for life. This is unrealistic
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