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  1. This is because real players won't be happy about stories, even in a game, like this. So despite it happening, it doesn't happen till Newgens
  2. Thought this might be interesting for people here to see. Posted by Sky Sports Official, so don't think posting the video should be an issue
  3. October/November 2017 We've been slightly inconsistent, losing games to Bournemouth and Liverpool while drawing with Leicester. We're easily going undefeated in the Europa League, despite changing the entire XI for those games 4th on GD, and hopefully Leicester/Bournemouth will fall away later into the season anyway. United having a poor season this time around. I'm also slightly more liked by the players now For now, the challenge is to get through this season, but it seems like having a Sunday League Reputation with no coaching badges aren't that huge an impediment.
  4. Was reading this excellent, excellent bumped up thread. How did no one notice this lmao? The two other teams drawn alongside them in this group are Spanish team R.Madrid LMAO
  5. August/September 2017 Our first game back was the Community Shield against Chelsea. We set up to counter with a 4-1-2-3 with Mkhitaryan on the wings. We took an early lead, playing exactly the sort of football I want. Xhaka clipping a ball over to Mkhitaryan who squared it for an arriving Ozil However, our defence absolutely collapsed in the second half, with Morata getting the winner late on Not the start I really wanted. We also drew a rather easy Europa League, so my U23's are going to play regularly We started off our league campaign against Swansea. My plan for this season is to defend against the top four sides with our counter attacking technique and beat everyone else. Doable? Possibly. It went well against Swansea with Iwobi and Auba on the scoresheet. We were held by Palace in a turgid match. Next up? City. I set up my team to stay deep and counter on the break. At this point, our squad has quality, but not enough to challenge City's possession football, with our midfield being weak. It worked well enough for us to come away with a 0-0, but City will be devastated to not win here, they absolutely outclassed. Arguably, we should have got a winner late on as well, but City should have had 5 by then After City came West Ham, who we swatted aside. Chelsea was our next game, away at Stamford Bridge. I set up to defend again, and came away with a 0-0. We then beat West Brom 2-1 to complete the month at 5th. If we continue our form, we should get top four rather easily. In between, we played in the Europa League and the Carabao Cup. First, the Carabao Cup. Honestly, I was looking to give it a good good, but then we drew Liverpool. I played the U23's and lost 5-2, but with West Brom (Who are 19th) coming up in the league, I did not want to fatigue my players In the Europa League, we have swatted aside Victoria Pizen and Lugano rather easily, playing a second string team that many Arsenal fans will recognise. Nelson on the wings, Nketiah as striker and Emile Smith Rowe also given a go (Though he's rather poor in this FM). Players who've impressed so far Elneny has to be the first one on here. I thought he'd be a rotation option, but he's been starting for me, and has been very solid, alongside Xhaka/Wilshere. I don't think he's being dropped any time soon, he's very dependable and doesn't lose the ball.
  6. Pre-Season 2017-18 We begin our pre-season away from home against Jagiellonia. It should have been a piece of cake. We are a far superior team. Instead, we go 1-0 down and stay that way till the 74th minute. Three late goals make the result look good, but a missed penalty from Aubameyang who had a dreadful game as well show that either our tactics are terrible, or the players really don't want to play. We then go off to China to win 2-0. This is where it starts to go wrong. We host Porto at the Emirates and lose 1-0 in a game where we don't create any chances. We follow it up with another 1-0 loss, and the players are quickly losing patience. Then we play Beijing and take a 1-0 lead, and all is well. That is, until added time in the first half, where we continue to show how poor our defence is by conceding two goals. In all these games, it was the long ball over the top, that took us out. I made some tactical changes, and we ran out 4-0 winners in our last two friendly games. Chelsea awaits in the Community Shield In a season where I'm not looking for signings, a scout found a novel way to ask for a sacking
  7. So let's start off with looking at our generic manager. Unbelievably bad stats obviously. I'll see how fast I can get these up with badges, but I doubt the players will love me. Expectations Here's what the board want. Top four, and to reach the FA Cup and Europa League finals. I hope to do one better in the Europa League, but I'm not sure how seriously I'll take the FA Cup. Squad I think we all know the Arsenal squad. To make it realistic, I can't remove Aubameyang, but I can choose not to buy anyone in this and the next transfer window. So we'll start with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, but we won't add anyone to this squad. I don't see why we can't get top four with the squad, as is. With improvements next year, we'll look for the title. This season is all about consolidation Dynamics For obvious reasons, the squad really don't like me Youth Objectives Since Arsenal can't be complete without giving youth a chance, I hope to develop Nketiah, who I believe has a lot of talent. Willock is also highly rated, but let's see.
  8. What if Arsenal had sacked Wenger an year earlier? What if, instead of hiring Emery, they had hired an unknown Asian manager? How would the players respond? With the squad dynamics being as it is, I think this is the perfect experiment to have. How would the Arsenal squad react to an unknown Sunday League manager with no coaching credentials becoming their manager? Would they be able to win? The aims for this challenge are also challenging for me personally, as I haven't ever won a CL final, despite having played with Arsenal many times. However, I usually start with coaching certificates, so this is a complete journey into the unknown Aims Not get sacked obviously. This is possibly going to be hard, if I don't start well. If I win the league, or the Europa in my first season, I don't think this is going to be a huge issue, and I honestly should be winning it (Fighting words, possibly) Win the League. It's been too long Get back into the Champions League Win the Champions league Win the Domestic Cups as often as possible Win the Europa League, if possible. I should only have one season to do this, because getting into the Europa will be a disaster I likely won't survive with my reputation Sign only English Players Reminder: This is an FM18 challenge. I don't have Torreira. I do have Aubameyang, Mkhi and Mavroponas
  9. He better hope it's not like FM then. Imagine being told that playing 90 minutes every game is not enough game time or something
  10. Like I posted above, the FA is actually considering changes such as increasing the minimum number of homegrown players, and changing the definition so someone like Bellerin would no longer be considered homegrown. So yes, it can happen, and the FA actually wants it to happen because of this misguided belief that it'll improve the national team to have **** players play for top clubs just because they're English
  11. Considering the rumblings, and horrific negotiations, BREXIT on FM might actually be better than the actual BREXIT. Hearing talk of more compulsory English players, removing homegrown status from players like Bellerin, Cesc, etc in real life.
  12. I think this is also a huge possibility, since other than Professionalism and Determination, I do have quite a few key players in my squads whose attributes I feel outweigh their shittiness in key games. I'm guessing I'm hugely wrong at this, and am going to go on a squad overhaul in my save now.
  13. I'd like to give a real life example like this. Brazil 1-7 Germany. I would say that out of that back four, that midfield and that attack (Barring Oscar to some extent), their Goalie, Júlio César was the best player on the team
  14. He'll do well for you. Even if he declines by 10-15% in the next two years, his stats are unreal, and likely will still good enough for the PL even then.
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