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  1. Congrats on DESTROYING SUNDERLAND DREAMS! You saved the North East from the Mackem disease
  2. Bit curious who won the CL last year? United or Leipzig?
  3. Cypriot League>>>>>Serie A confirmed
  4. Is it just me or do you have a lot of surprise losses to Alki?
  5. Pfft... such a defensive team, just 98 goals
  6. Gutting loss to Barca, but you seem to have the league sewn up
  7. Galatasaray should be very close. Brilliant in the league
  8. Back on top this season, it seems. I agree with @Pompeyboyz that you'll probably get out of the group.
  9. Omonia must be spending the CL money to get so good?
  10. Seems like you're going to have another successful season
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