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  1. Ninza

    Stuck on Match screen

    l can't continue the game despite pressing multiple times n the dressing room button Saves made before the glitch occurred are still playable, only new saves created are affected by this However the saves that are affected by this don't have any issues on my desktop I was wondering if there were any fix on my mac Thank you
  2. Do you leave training to your assistant manager?
  3. Do we get the in-game editor if we preorder now?
  4. Hope we get better regen faces that are more realistic
  5. Ninza

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    What skin is that?
  6. Ninza

    Real Regen Megapack Config File FM18

    when are you going to share it?
  7. Ninza

    Dual-nationality players

    you mean Ivory Coast
  8. Each time I start the game, the game is stuck on the loading screen then it stops and I receive this notification
  9. Ninza

    Crash dump

    yeah it works now without, should reinstall the graphics after?
  10. You're tactic just saved my 51 unbeaten run, was losing 4-3 against Bordeaux until I plugged it during the second half, couldn't believe the result ! the best tactic so far
  11. Ninza

    Crash dump

    Although I have the same setup on my mac and it doesn't have this issue
  12. Ninza

    Crash dump

    I use the tempo skin, I have the cut-out face pack, steel logos, FC12 kits, trophies and background megapack. Here is the file FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.06.29 20.59.31).dmp