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  1. Ninza

    Southampton, Top of the League !

    Where did you get the patch m8?
  2. All the issues are resolved after uninstalling the game
  3. Had those issues with the skin, after a game r when i edited the interface is there any fix t this?
  4. Just going to uninstall the game and see what happens next
  5. I'm also using my second back up save, which has the first issue as the first, how is that possible?
  6. the option on steam "verify the integrity of game files"? I can access sometimes which is weird, but the skin becomes like the pictures above then crash.
  7. Starting the game I encounter this, never seen that before, maybe that's the source of my problem
  8. k, so I won't be able to choose my own skin anymore? Is the save corrupt, do I need to start over?
  9. Hey, I've never encountered this issue before, as I change the settings in the interface, from 5-15 mins after, I get this bug which ultimately makes my game crash within seconds Any way I can fix this? Thanks Here's a screenshot
  10. What tactic do you suggest for Lyon using wingers?
  11. Ninza


    I hate to be that guy but are you going to release this weekend?
  12. Ninza


    is this compatible to the transfer Pr0 database changes?