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  1. playing the public beta. scored 97 goals in the league. about 85 came from a cross. i doubt ME will get fixed but this is at least playable. no more 1v1, no more ball over the top. but also still no chance created from central area no matter what formation or tactic. yet somehow every game produced 30+ shots.
  2. conversion rate is very very low but why are there so many being created in the first place? and they all came from crazy dribble from own half, ball over the top from defenders and set pieces. There was one game where I had 51 shots. Also consistently creating 3-5 CCC every home game. Then in away game it all went to **** (although the result still positive). Performance wise, at home I'm prime Barcelona dominating everything, away I'm Emery's Arsenal conceding shot after shot with mistake all over the pitch regardless of opposition. its no fun at all this ME. 259 hours and the only ground through pass that led to shot I've seen are from pre season games. the rest like i said, crazy dribble, set pieces and ball over the top.
  3. Has anyone mention how PSG ALWAYS have 35-40 players in their first team and all are good players that dont even need ?! Fix that imo...whats funny is even with all the good players, they always get knocked out to UEL every season 😂😂😂 Also, AI for club and country almost never play their best team when up against me except in CL games...seriously Chelsea keep playing unknown youth striker when Morata, Michy or even Boga is available and fit! And once again, let us set player's squad status when negotiating contract with them...that way maybe we can control the wage better, instead of having board restrict me to offering only 140k for a world class player 😒
  4. @Alari Naylor any update ? Waited 3 months and nothing...I have 184mil in bank, 3.5mil wage budget but cant offer more than 140k to Thomas Lemar and many more good player because of this issue...max wage allowed is 275k p/w... Please in future FMM, let us set squad status when offering contract... I've deleted the save but willing to try recreate it as it has happen about 5 times now in 3 different saves (with Arsenal, Arsenal and Bournemouth) so should be easy to recreate!
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