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    Live in the North-East, love Sunderland, hate Newcastle

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    Consett, Durham


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    Playing footy, FM and FIFA

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  1. Your career

    How long does your managing career last? And what did you achieve and with what team?
  2. Got a screenie of your team?
  3. Whoa Acidburn looks like you have put together a great team there. Congrats on your success. You won the Premier League yet?
  4. When you first start the game which players did you bring in and which players did you get rid of?
  5. Keane left in real life eh? It maybe off topic but what are your opinions on the situation that we find ourselves in?
  6. oj2006 Good report mate, cheers.
  7. Getting a half season ticket for xmas and going to Bolton next week, can't believe they are winning 2-0 atm like!
  8. I can't wait to get this game!
  9. What is Anton Ferdinand like on this game? I see people still have him in their teams a couple of seasons in.
  10. Btw can't believe that this thread has made 3 pages already.
  11. FM09: Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread: Spurs

    I always have a Spurs game going, unfortunately I do not yet have the new FM, but when I do what areas of the pitch need improved and who should I sell?
  12. Whos the furthest in then?
  13. FM 2008: Sunderland AFC - The Irish Revolution

    Still have this run going, I have tied up the signing of Kaboul for just under £5 million. I'm pleased as he is quality on this game and he will be a permanent replacement for when Djourou returns to Arsenal. I have only conceded 9 goals all season which is remarkable, still 7 points clear with about 13 games to go.