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  1. As I anticipated there was the need to make an SBC to take advantage of our worst players. So I chose this: Exchange three players with 12 of chemistry for a bronze pack. My choice fell on Thomas, Taylor and Kalinskiy. I'm sorry for the last one but it did not have the growth I expected. I confirm everything by showing you the formations: The match I have chosen is the one against Olivereinse. Team currently mid-table and that hosted us in their stadium for this league game. Match balanced and ugly, but we were more precise in the area and we won. And as always.. And we collect the prize that I show you with the usual fast GIF (I don't want to spoiler too much )
  2. Not so good our September but in October we have done very well!
  3. I make another intermediate update because as you will see it's time to collect a prize. In fact we played in the FA Cup and after drawing with Atletico Parainense in the replay we managed, even in the extra time, to win the second match in the FA Cup after the victory against Granada. This allows us to open a bronze pack. Let's see the Bronze Pack: Let's analyze in detail: Ogura and Hyodo not present in DB while Nelson became a coach. Howkins is on loan. The others are these Ryan McEvoy 70K I have no words to describe him. He will probably replace numerically who will go away. Rashian Hepburn-Murphy 750K A substantial expense for this 19-year-old boy. Everything to evaluate Ernest Agyiri 180K He is a promising young player and was part of the Accademy of Manchester City so it could also prove useful in the future. For now let's see how he gets by playing some matches. 19 years are not many. Djorde Mihailovic 250K It is not bad as player and could replace Helmer in some cases. But there is also Kalinskiy in the team and someone must stay out. Dave Romney 675K It's not a bad player but we'll see if he will find some space. Ange Nanizayamo 275K He will be sacrificated soon, I think.
  4. Very good win against Juventus. Danilo Cataldi is a great player for Brescia
  5. Thanks man. You are the first comment after long time. So you need a post all for you
  6. Monthly updates are back. In December we try to keep up with the hurricane Cordoba that does not lose and in fact despite 4 wins and 2 draws we find ourselves only two points ahead but with four games more. The most important match of the month sees us face the Blackburn Rovers. Unfortunately, Mohammed decides to give the advantage to the guests with an own goal. Fortunately Helmer draws with a nice shot from the edge of the area just a minute later. We deserve to win it but two red card do not allow it. As previously said this is the League Table: TOP&FLOP of the Month TOP Cammy Kerr Applause for Kerr that this month guarantees superlative performances, all without resting because we don't have a reserve in that role. And it also provides a pretty good assist. FLOP Kadri Mohammed Our central back is going through a bad time. 6.62 of average rating too kind. More an own goal that ruins a match that could have been won.
  7. Good month with 3 win and 2 draw, if we continue like this we can take the lead
  8. Paulaner main sponsor ahahahah Good friendly matches
  9. I bring you this mixed update because there are news. We played against Livorno and after going ahead with Ajorque, in the second half, we suffered a draw with the penalty scored by Baumgartner. Fortunately Ajorque scored again and gave us 3 very important points. But why so important? Well, with this win we have reached and exceeded 40 points, which means we can open a new pack! Here it is: Let's analyze it: The two Koreans are not present in the DB, the teams of Thorsen and Kimowya have refused the offers while Gerli and Kongolo are on loan. So the following are our new players... Akwasi Asante 33K He is certainly not a great champion besides being 25 years old and being a piece of wood. Harry Taylor 105K You will wonder if we have even paid for this player. Yes,unfortunately. Lukasz Skowron 140K I'm thinking about him, because I'm doubtful. He looks better than Omenas, but not at the same time. I'll have to try him on the field. Jonson Clarke-Harris 500K I like him and he's an important transfer because Ajorque certainly could not play all the games of the season. Finally we have someone who can make him rest!
  10. Dolcini on fire in last two matches
  11. There's so much time to do something good in the Serie A. Now we must try to win in EL to reach at least second place
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