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  1. Crash at certain date

    Thanks. This helps a lot.
  2. Crash at certain date

    forgot to add, last time I did add third party database, but I already deleted it. Yet still the same.
  3. Hi, my games crashes every time I proceed to 20 February 2016. I have tried uninstall and reinstalled it again, yet the same problem still occurs. Can you help me? Thanks.
  4. My FM 2017 games keep crashing.

    Oh. Sorry. Thanks.
  5. My FM 2017 games keep crashing.

    I hope this can be solved soon as I been waiting to continue my saved game for a week now. Thanks
  6. Hi My online game keeps crashing on a date with this error message : FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 17.3.0f936783 (update) has stopped working after I used the latest database from third party website. I use original steam copy game. Can you help me? I can't progress on my saved game. Thank you.