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  1. hi im just wondering in football manager 2019 is it still possible to get a son in youth intake? i got it a couple of times on fm 18, if so isit still 1 in 1000 chance or isit been narrowed down.
  2. i find this years football manager hard to come by ive strikers with 18 composure and 16 finishing missing easy chances ive also and keepers saving far too many 1v1's the match. engine is bollox we had this problem with strikers not scoring on fm 14 fm 15 and fm 16 when it was first released untill si sorted this problem out with the match engine. i look across other leagues with player stats and again not many strikers with many goals. if this is how you have set this years football manager then ill be boycotting it and not be buying future games. the scout reports i get from my scouts on pla
  3. ive found this to be the case too, also if you watch dr benjy on youtube hes 2 saves going and hes struggled to score with strikers.i dont know if its the realisum of football they have put in this years FM compaired to previous FM's where your strikers would score 20+ goals every season.but i remember last years fm strikers wouldnt score when it first released then they did updates on match engine to fix it.
  4. when i try read the scout report card the scout report text is in a very light grey on top of a white back ground. on the beta version it was black text.
  5. less than 12hours now before the release has the 2 new features whats to be added into the game been revealed yet?
  6. yea i didnt understand because ive won the league, champions league, community shield, fa cup within all of the 3 seasons i understand that a player alot older will decline but ive 20 to 25 yr old players with red arrows down on all stats all the time and it doesnt make sense. hopefully this is fixed. i also see odd ones green going up but more of the red arrows of declining.
  7. ive played 3 seasons so far can i ask why players allways have red allways down on there attributes ive never seen them as bad as this football manager this needs fixing before its release.
  8. i still havnt had this answered GAME is on the list of digital list which i posted the link so that is false advertisment and bull because your saying its not correct.
  9. there on this list check this link https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  10. i have allways bought it two weeks before release on beta via GAME with the beta code on reciept but not this year i want to know why?
  11. i pre ordered football manager 2019 through one of your retailors 'GAME' today and ive read on a website that when i pre order it that to give an email address to recive a beta code to download via steam they told me there isnt any feature to do this with there system. but on the game revolution website it says that they are on the retailors list to release the beta. as a dedicated football manager player since 2007 and ive allways pre ordered football manager through 'GAME' two weeks beta access with the code printed on a reciept yet this year its apparently done by email when purchasing foot
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