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  1. Ghost goals seem to be common on this years game . Lots of threads about them. Nothing seems to be done about it tho
  2. Anyone know if goals being scored and being shown in highlights and then not counting on the score line has been fixed with the winter update ?
  3. Does anyone know if the ghost goal bug will be addressed with an update see lots of threads about goals being scored and showed in highlights /commentary etc and not registering as an actual goal on the score line. Seems like a pretty big big.
  4. I’ve had a similar thing although I scored to go 2 up and it showed the goal highlight yet it didn’t register on the score . Game finished 1-0 .. if I go into the highlights the goal is there to see ( wasn’t offside )
  5. I’ve just had this same issue. Scored a second goal showed the goal on a highlight and it didn’t register. Game finished 1-0 however if I watch the goal highlights it should have finished 2-1
  6. Was playing as Sunderland away to Accrington Stanley already 1-0 up a highlight started showing Sunderland scoring a second goal in the 53rd minute.When the game resumed it was still 1-0 ! The goal wasn’t off side.(can watch the goal on the highlights) When I looked into the summary of the game there were actually 3 goals recorded! Game should have finished 2-1 to Sunderland. Anyone else had this issue ?
  7. I’ve had a similar experience. Although my team scored a second goal in the game even showed the highlight. Goal wasn’t off side however when the game resumed it was still 1-0 !
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