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  1. Solved it. It was because I have many different folders called Sports Interactive for some reason.

    I ended up dragging two folders with this name over from my old machine.





    It was in 'games' of the second folder.

    Can someone explain to me the difference between these two folders and if it's normal to have both called the same.


    Somehow I managed to end up with 8 different folders called "Sports Interactive". I don't know how this has happened.




    I have recently bought a brand new Macbook Pro. I installed steam and it seemed to detect I was on a new machine and re found my Football Manager 2016 game for me.

    Loading up steam it's there the same as it always was - with all the hours I've played, last played and most recent achievements unlocked etc.

    Clicking 'PLAY' loads the game up very smoothly but at the start page I get

    Load Last Game ('No game available') which is greyed out.

    When I go to click 'Load Game' there doesn't seem to be anything to load.


    Is this a simple case of just finding the game file?

    I am using a brand new Macbook pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Any help much appreciated on this


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