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  1. The new public beta seems interesting with major tweaks to the ME. But can I uninstall it if I want? Various Match Engine (version 2031) tweaks including (but not limited to): – Improved one-on-one finishing – Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances – Tweaks to penalty kick conversion rates – Improved crossing variation and instruction behaviour – Improved defensive tracking from long balls – Improvements/tweaks to referee behaviour – Various other balancing tweaks/improvements
  2. Hi, I'm playing Bournemouth and our stadium at 16500 has been sold out for 2,5 years, but there is no option to ask board to expand or build new. Only option is to ask to buy stadium.
  3. This was a Testimonial match. Does that mean old players can join in?
  4. Files uploaded: Jocke bournemouth22jul6.fm and error.png Suddenly a couple players that I sold a long time ago shows up in my squad. They showed up in the squad selection screen. For the next match they are gone. Their names are green in the .png.
  5. Another one: I tried to hire a Technical Director, but when he agrees to join he's a Director of Football. Went back on the save to try again, but with the same result.
  6. How can you project future wage limit based on increased player sales? For example I've netted 74M in the summer transfer, is there a way to determine how much my allowed wages could increase next season?
  7. Thats right, I'm retraining away "stays back" (he's only 18). He only works well on support duty, but I play with two SV:s.
  8. Here's another potential young Segundo Volante:
  9. I've been playing with two SV and it's been magic. I used Bakayoko in many saves but recently I used a new beast: Weston McKennie. He's magical and scored 4 goals in his first two matches. The defenders can't handle him with his late runs into the box. He has everything, impressive physics and mentals and he's very young. Also a good leader, someone to build a team around. Here's how we play:
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