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  1. The biggest problem is that I can't answer these questions. I do not know what I do well (if there is something that does well) and what I do wrong. I do not know if my tactics are a disaster, my selection of catastrophic team, my talks to the team nefarious or that is exactly what happens. I try to sign the best players I'm capable of, according to the level of my team. I think that I do it ok, I have clear the attributes I want in each player depending on the position and role I want to play on my team. Regarding the talks, I'm a little puzzled because the translations are unreliable and sometimes I'm not sure what message I'm transmitting to my players. Finally, in relation to the tactics, I strictly follow what the guides say and I have clear how I want to play. The problem comes when the game starts. I'm unable to identify what's going on. I don't know if my players are doing what I want them to do, whether they're doing it right or wrong or if what I'm trying to get my players to do is a good idea or not. For example, it is important that there be variety of movements in attack. When I create my tactic, I mentally imagine how my players should move. In my head everything is correct, but when the game starts not to say if my players act correctly or not. I don't know if the movement is what I want them to do or not. I insist, I have clear what I want but I do not know if during the game my players do it or not. Really, I do not enjoy any part of the game because when I start a save I know that things will go wrong at one time or another and that nothing that I can do is going to change it. I recognize that the problem is my inability to do better, but precisely because of that I want to learn
  2. I need help. I'm completely desperate with this game. I've read everything you can read about FM. I've watched hundreds of hours of games trying to understand what's going on. I find it absolutely impossible. I don't know what to do. All my games end in a totally disastrous way, fitting an alarming amount at the same time as a shameful amount of goals and ended dismissed. It does not have any transcendence the team you choose, the tactic you employ or the players you use. My teams never get the proposed objectives and I have not the slightest idea what to do. The truth is I'm lost and I need someone to help me. I suspect I don't have the ability or intelligence to understand this game but I promise to do everything in my power to compensate for these limitations with all the effort and dedication that one can put. I just need someone who is patient enough to understand my limitations and if I don't do it better it's because I can't but because I'm incapable. Still, I think I can make progress, but I need constant help and time. I implore anyone to lend me a hand because I want to understand this game and right now I'm desperate and lost
  3. I only see Coutinho playing on the left wing as a WP, in the Iniesta role. Perhaps if Messi is not there, he could play behind Suarez. I struggle to see how Dembele, Coutinho, Iniesta and Suarez wil play together.
  4. The most important thing in Valverde's Barcelona is he is using a 442 invariably (most of the times flat, sometimes diamond). What is sure is 433 is part of the past. I wouldn't count Deulofeu and Dembele as starters. Back four and gk is quite easy. Ter Stegen Sergi Roberto/Semed0 fb(s) Pique cb(de) Umtiti cb (de) Jordi Alba fb(at). Wb(at) would be another option. It's a very important role IMO. Barça tries to créate overloads in the right flank while Jordi Alba runs into the space created on the left. Typical play Messi pass to Alba. In midfield problems arise. We have a doublé pivot, Rakitic Busquets. I've observed how when defending, Busquets starts pressing higher up the pitch tan Rakitic, while when attacking Busquets is slightly deeper, except when bringing the ball from the defense. In that case Rakitic comes Deep to get the ball like a playmaker. When Rakitic or Busquets are not playing, Paulinho plays an attacking role in the center of the midfield, making very aggressive forward runs. In the right flank, most used player can perfectly be Paulinho but also Gomes and sometimes Deulofeu, Vidal or Dembele. With the last 3, it's a very simple winger role. With Paulinho or Gomes, it's a quite strange role I couldn't name. Someone who starts wide but moves centrally to link with Messi. The fact is Dembele has been injured so probably I would place him there with a winger role. Things get even more interesting when Valverde player a diamond midfield, for instance, against Real Madrid. We had Busquets as a lone pivot in front of the defense, protected by Rakitic and Iniesta on the flanks and Paulinho in front of them. The role of Paulinho was very obvious that day: SS(at), while Iniesta could be described as a mix of a WP, AP and Mezzala. Rakitic plays a more industrious role, perhaps a simple cm(su) with some PIs (tackle harder, close down more, perhaps). So, with a flat midfield, from the left to the right: Iniesta wp(su) Busquets bwm(de) Rakitic dlp(su) Paulinho/Gomes wm(at) with some PIs or Vidal/Deulofeu/Dembele w(at) Upfront is also quite easy. Messi with a free role (trequartista, false 9) and Suarez as the spearhead of the attack (AF).
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