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  1. The start of FM 2019 I was getting a crash that wouldn't let me play any games and an update sorted it. Today I'm now getting this I'm sick of these crashes ruining my experience and I pay good money for this game and once again it's unplayable. Crashes are always on a match day whether in the warm up or in game.
  2. sure happening too much now its really starting to annoy me. DxDiag.txt
  3. Evening mate yeah not as much as the BETA but every so often i will get it mate! Cleared cache etc and also removed anti virus software.
  4. Played again last night no issues only had 3 games but defiantly positive signs! I Play in comprehensive so i got few little games a night. Haha
  5. Managed 2 games last night had no issue. Will be on it again tonight. I will keep you updated.
  6. just this second removed anti Norton mate and testing again tried everything else! lets hope this works
  7. File found the one a screenshotted here it is... FM 2019 v19.0.3.1154375 (2018.10.25 18.49.15).dmp
  8. I deleted it by mistake it ill happen again soon so will do it on the next one if that's ok
  9. Keep getting this ALOT on the squad line up page on match day and in game and once in the team talk.
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