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  1. Hi all ! I want to try the Reaving RDF tweaked version but i'm playing on Switch so i can't dl tactics. Can someone help me out and post screens of tactic +PI please ? Thx 🙂
  2. @Totalfootballfan, Possible to have another video for both Zeus v5 and Wolverine v5 please ? Or Can you post screens with the tacticals instructions ? I'm playing on Switch so i can't dl tactics. Thank you. PS: if someone else want to help...😉
  3. Hi, Possible to tell me what you've changed to the PI please ? I'm still playing on Switch and there is no video (this time i've checked 😉). Thank you. Or if someone can make a screen for me 🙂
  4. Thank you 👍🏾. I didn't watched the vid as i was thinking it was for the set pieces ! Thx again.
  5. Hi 🙂, Can someone post screens of the tactic/instructions please ? I'm playing on Switch so i can't import tactic. Thx 👍🏾
  6. When i start as an unemployed manager with French nationality, i can't get a job. If i start the same game but with English nationality, i can get a job in no time. Problem is me nationality. Why ? Can you fix this ? So sad i can't use my real nationality if i want to start unemployed... Thx.
  7. any others results with this tactic ? Think i'm gonna give it a go...but just want to have somes more feedback cause as you can save more than ...1 tactic (!!!) on the vita.
  8. you just killed my hopes .... !!! Thx for your hel dude .
  9. Hi, can you set individual training in FMC Vita ? If yes, how ? Thx and sorry if it's been answered somewhere else, can't find an answer for this.
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