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  1. Great DB but I cant seem to find Ireland pre 22 flag to change it to the isle of man flag anybody know where it is to change it
  2. i can live with a couple of duplicated players at least the player faces all match up i didnt think it would work as ive got over a hundred editor files installed
  3. the faces work for me i also have additional editor files enabled over 60 of them when will J2 and J3 be ready
  4. putting a zero at the start of the file did work for last years game also if you put the jleague faces into a folder of its own within your cut out face pack folder other styles are available lol it doesn't affect the j league faces when updating cut out face packs it worked last year any way
  5. yes a face pack will just complete this db in my opinion everyone who tries to make J-League databases deserve credit its one of the hardest to create
  6. yes its back had this for last years game it was brilliant thanks for brinning it back this year great work as always
  7. is there going to be a face pack as last year there was one
  8. cant wait for this to be made for fm 21 this by far the best j-league db ever
  9. cant wait for this file to be available in fm 21
  10. brilliant just as last years was would love to see a proper canadian pyramid system with pro/rel
  11. really looking forward to this one being completed using one similar to this but i think your one has a few more divisions and cups the your one has the fife leagues and lothian and edinburgh championship the one i use only has the lothian and edinburgh premiership and fife cup think the one i use only goes down to division 14 or 15
  12. ah no worries don't give yourself more work than you have to i can always just have a second save and use the Isle of man thanks for all the hard work you do for these great databases much appreciated
  13. really great db but sadly cant use at the same time as greenland db as both where created with the extinct ireland nation same with the falklands db
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