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  1. really looking forward to this one being completed using one similar to this but i think your one has a few more divisions and cups the your one has the fife leagues and lothian and edinburgh championship the one i use only has the lothian and edinburgh premiership and fife cup think the one i use only goes down to division 14 or 15
  2. ah no worries don't give yourself more work than you have to i can always just have a second save and use the Isle of man thanks for all the hard work you do for these great databases much appreciated
  3. really great db but sadly cant use at the same time as greenland db as both where created with the extinct ireland nation same with the falklands db
  4. i have no problems with this database i did with the 2019 one where if i updated the player face packs from sortitoutsi it would muck up the japanese faces and change the uid's not this year as ive placed the j league face pack in its own folder and that seems to work also making sure the j league file is at the top of your editor data folder also helps thanks so much for this database its great to have a proper almost as close to real life j league database football manager isnt the same without it its my favourite asian soccer league have soft spot for shimizu s pulse and is my favourite asian country if you ever get the chance to visit japan do as you wont be disappointed
  5. If i pick the alternate file where Australia are back in Asia it wont be compatible with your Asian club competition file as that also puts Australia back in Oceania
  6. seems since the last update vietnamese leagues dont work not just this one but timos is the same
  7. not had that problem in my save strange could another editor file your using cause this issue
  8. hey there is a fantasy db on the steam workshop its great its scottish premiership all the way down to the caledonian amateure division 3 and all the cups its brilliant its got my local lothian and edinburgh amateure league in it
  9. best USA database there is thanks again for your amazing work
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