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  1. i can live with a couple of duplicated players at least the player faces all match up i didnt think it would work as ive got over a hundred editor files installed
  2. this looks awesome will defo be giving this a go as it doesn't look like Uncle Sam is doing his USA DB this year
  3. putting a zero at the start of the file did work for last years game also if you put the jleague faces into a folder of its own within your cut out face pack folder other styles are available lol it doesn't affect the j league faces when updating cut out face packs it worked last year any way
  4. yes a face pack will just complete this db in my opinion everyone who tries to make J-League databases deserve credit its one of the hardest to create
  5. yes its back had this for last years game it was brilliant thanks for brinning it back this year great work as always
  6. is there going to be a face pack as last year there was one
  7. cant wait for this to be made for fm 21 this by far the best j-league db ever
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