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  1. Not so much a hidden gem, but I'd say Pablo Fornals. He's available for around 10mil at the start of the game, he's not a world beater, but becomes a very good CAM for 'big clubs'
  2. I'd probably say AC Milan. Right now I've just started one with Hertha Berlin
  3. Is it me or is Lacazette a god in this game? With Sanchez, Ozil and Suso supporting him he scores goals for fun for me in all competitions.
  4. Has anyone had any luck signing Goretzka? Schalke won't budge for anything less than £70 mil and I signed Sergei Savic in the 1st transfer window. Currently 9 points clear
  5. Good choice mate, if you need any tips let me know.
  6. Does anyone have any screenshots of Joe Rankin-Costello in the future? In my save (not as Blackburn), he was signed for Leicester for £3.2 million now he is worth over £10 million and is smashing it for Leicester and England U21s.
  7. IMO, this is one of the biggest problems with FM18, when a player plays consistently every game and becomes a valuable first team player they have ridiculous contract demands, I've seen some players ask for twice, thrice or even 5 times their current wage for 2 seasons worth of 7.3 avg performances. Very annoying.
  8. No worries, I tend to forget a lot about the simple things too! Also, what I would recommend is to upgrade your scouting too, if you are a tight budget I would recommend Scandinavia, lots of cheap young players and quality experienced players who can fluently speak English (if you are an English team) who will not cost much in wages or value, i.e. Carlo Holse looks quality for his age and is dirt cheap.
  9. I would agree, I got Preston promoted and with a limited budget I am surviving in the Premiership, I would suggest this. 1. Keep all key players, do not sell them on, IMO, it harder and more time consuming to find replacements, as opposed to offering them a new contract with reflects their ability. 2. Upgrade staff, as you are in a higher division, try and attract 4 stars coaches for example, it makes a bit of a difference for players having better coaches. 3. Upgrade training facilities, whilst this does cost money it can greatly improve your players fitness and performances and overal
  10. In terms of price to performance, Sean Maguire hands down, bought from Cork City for 125k, he is now valued at over 10 million and has over 15 goals as an AMR IF (S) with an average rating over 7.3. Also, Hugill is a great Championship striker, arguably one of the best in terms of target men - hold up play, but to see him doing so well in the Prem is surprising.
  11. Great to see Tom doing so well, him and Maguire have been lethal so as IF (S) with Harrop/Johnson AP (A) and Hugill (AF (A). Other team members such as Ben Pearson is wanted by Everton and Stoke, so is Greg Cunningham and Ben Davies was wanted for over £12 mil by Swansea and West Ham. Currently I am sat 1st around 10 points clear, (first season) and look to be going up to the Prem.
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