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  1. I totally overlooked that section, thanks very much i appreciate it.
  2. Hello, could somebody help me with my problem, i have a director of football and i have him do alot with my responsibilities. I also have a HOYD, however in my Dev.Centre the DOF reports to me about my youth candidates. Can anyone explain how i can delegate that responsibility to the HOYD. Or is it just the case the HOYD brings the youth to the academy and the DOF reports back with best pick out of the bunch of kids he thinks will break into the first team. i just feel i haven't assigned my HOYD to do anything. Thanks in Advance, sorry if this is a silly question i'm a casual FM gamer i have not played in quite a while.
  3. Hi Guys I am haveing difficulty in finding the Steklo black skins for FM08 on the web. after trying on most popular FM sites i find the link to be broken. i'm hopeing someone here has a link for the skin or direct me somewhere to get it. I had the skins some years ago the skin pack comes with 3 skins, Black/Shiny/Normal. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Hi Chris This one i found yersterday. after i downloaded it i found it to be version 1.3 it wasn't the ones i was looking for, i believe the ones i'm looking for comes with 3 skins. Black/shiny/normal. I had it some years ago but can't seem to find it now. Thanks for you're help though i appreciate it.
  5. Hi Guys I am having trouble finding the steklo skins by Tom Dixon on the web. i have given up at this stage so i'm hopeing maybe somebody could help me. maybe they have a link they could provide or guide me to search a specific site. Every link i've tried on FMscout or FMBase etc seem to be broken. hopefully somebody here can help? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for you're help Neil. i seem to be up and running now.
  7. I have uninstalled BitDefender, it's still not reading the game when i insert disc. i've searched for it in add games in steam. it's nowhere to be found. Have you an idea what i might be doing wrong,
  8. Hi thank you for reply, yes i've tried this before opening a thread. my drivers and stuff is up to date. i've turned off anything related to video and recording from xbox app. The game will not launch at all, i'm so confused. is it the anti virus i'm useing. it's called Bitdefender? Thanks
  9. Hi Fraz does this apply for windows 10 also, i had terrible trouble trying to install the game i gave up trying completely. any info on this would be much appreciated.
  10. DxDiag.txt Some info here, i'm confused as to why this won't run
  11. Hi i'm haveing trouble getting game to run, can you please help!
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