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  1. If you got monthly report so to select candidates for it then the youth intake it would make it feel less random, and wouldn’t bloat the database
  2. another way of solving some of the issue, would be to actually increase the average stats of youth players. Not so there’s an unrealistic amount of quality players coming through each year.. but that physical, mental and technical stats for the most part represent a baseline level that would realistically represent a 15 year old who has convinced his parents, his coach, and my HOYD that he might be....a Footballer. instead of filling the intakes with players with ridiculous poor stats, perhaps increase the average stats, but then make the ability to judge the potential of improvement a little less clear. The exact same gripe could be had on Fifa career mode, where there is a fundamental problem with youth players having non existent physical stats. Whereas pace is actually in abundance in modern youth football.
  3. This is it’s shallowest area. and I am listening to you. To answer your question, by the build up to an intake happening monthly over the course of a year, being informed that my HOYD and Under18s Manager are attending youth events, and to then receive a prospect list, it would enable me, the player who paid £22.99 for the game, and who is employing said HOYD at £9k a week, to actually hand pick players for the youth intake. It would enable to not accept the dross technique 2 composure 1 that the HOYD rounds up, on his £450,000 salary. This would remove the nonsense “preferred formation” or “personality effecting the lottery spawn” from the current HOYD algorithm. It may mean that I only have an intake of 8 players, but it’s 8 players I think have a potential future in the sport, at the club or potential resale value. I couldn’t give a flying **** what the rest of the computer teams intakes do to imitate the depth of what is happening at my club and maintain the playing popultion. AI teams normally end up with decent intakes a lot anyway. Currently, what I end up doing atm, is reloading my save over and over again, until I have 1-4 players worthy of going into my youth team. Otherwise I would end up with a completely empty reserves. Whilst we have made common ground on the fact it is indeed a lottery of sorts. My issue with the current imitation of youth academies on the game, is that the club rep, HOYD, facilities etc should give you a starting 2-3+ balls in the lottery (increased odds of an ok intake) Where as it appears the game is not sufficiently intuitive in rewarding the game owner for the consequences of the actions and investments they are putting in. And I do have a bit of imagination, I can invest in RPG elements of games, but with this particular element of the game, I can’t get passed the games insufficient formula for determining intakes. It just doesn’t satisfy.
  4. If you were sent batches of reports monthly of players that you could pick and choose to reject from under 15 academy and from national/international scouting that were then on a roster that formed your official intake day... that would be way more rewarding than the current overnight spawn scenario we have currently. I would enable me to ensure the HOYD isn’t bringing me a group of trash youngsters come March. It would enable me the player, more of a relationship with my HOYD and make that entire section of the game less hollow. you can be defensive about this section of the game all you like, but the game has moved towards new social dynamics, training, tactical roles so the odds of this getting an overhaul too is probably likely. Its current makeup doesn’t marry up with the depth in almost all other areas of the game, whether you agree or not.
  5. I would rather they break up the lottery spawn method and allow the HOYD to interact with us monthly. so they can maintain the necessary influx of newgens to populate the game, but the sourcing of them is closer to FIFA career mode where talents are brought to your attention rather than rounded up in such a random manner. The games current annual interaction with the HOYD isn’t satisfying or realistic. A HOYD like Samaden in reality is not going to spend 1 entire year scouting young players, and then bring someone in from his choice of thousands of youth games, with technique 1 - it just doesn’t remotely represent reality.
  6. I totally agree with this! But it’s illustrates how clunky the current youth system is. I understand that it must be very difficult to try and get an algorithm to fluidly represent something real. I would like to see them take the HOYD personality, formation preferences, stats and reallly separate them, so that coaching stats impact his under 19 training. And the knowledge stats have more of an impact on his actual induction of players. if he was to suggest new youngsters on a monthly basis, based on scouting invisible under 15/12 leagues and these would be added to a roster that would eventually form the official youth intake - that would be far more rewarding and realistic. We have to remember that in reality clubs arent slaves to the quality of their intakes, they are all spending good money to find the next Messi. And equally, players with parents that know they have the next Messi, don’t linger around, they have agents and direct contact with clubs. And clubs fight tooth and nail to get the player. Including moving the family, purchasing a home, guaranteeing university for the player, and in some cases their siblings. How exciting would it be to land one, and after £500k or investment in moving his family he flops! Theres an impersonal basic flavour to the youth element of the game, that is alien to the level of detail the rest of the game adopts. I’m just trying to touch on a way in which this game could increase the longevity of saves, by making newgens potentially more personal stories to us, the player. This is all I am saying. I’m not attacking our beloved game, just one element of it.
  7. I agree it’s a lottery, and I agree with a few things you have said in the second paragraph. regards homegrown players - I googled Madrid homegrown players and used the FM player search list to list them. If the information wasn’t accurate then let’s just move on. Our views on the subject aren’t completely alien, I don’t want top clubs to have an enormous advantage, but unfortunately that’s how it is. - UTD developed Cattermole, Gibson, Richardson, Josh King etc i started this thread with York City - believe me when I say that I would get much more satisfaction from the game if I felt I had other ways other than spending to get success and quality players. I’m the type of player who likes to minimise his wage bill and profit from a transfer window. A lot of people I know who play the game struggle to fill their under 19 and reserves team with anyone worth it. my case in point is that the amount of reloads I do, in relation to the conscious effort I put in to ensure my facilities and staff increase my odds, just doesn’t add up. I don’t feel as though there’s is a sufficient enough black and white textbook explanation from FM on the subject. There’s been mention of HOYD personality, his preferred formation - both of which are insufficient ways to determine the makeup of 15 teenagers. A players personality will be shaped by his parents, environment and school friends, not a mentor he sees at the weekend. And Pep Guardiola issues what player styles he wants coming into the academy, not the HOYD, his job is to find them, not dictate based on his own preferences. It really boils down to the fact that Under 15/12 teams aren’t invisible, they are non existent and it is a spawn/lottery. I moaned towards the end of 18 that tactical elements of the game were a mess, terminology was confusing and misleading. I also said that the training aspect of the game needed an overhaul, and both of these elements were also seen by SI as issues needing to be addressed. Eventually we will see the Youth aspect overhauled, whether you think it’s unsatisfactory or not. Real football does not have overnight intake in the manner that FM represents it.
  8. That is all you have taken from this...where Raul came through from originally. Total deflection from the case in point. “Dreadfully framed” is there any need to be so defensive? as though my quick phone snaps somehow devalue the point I’m making. My gaming PC is not conected to the net so I can’t send screenshots. Samaden is payed £9k a week. And he has suggested that that player above is one he has personally been involved in bringing to a club, the stature of Real Madrid. Technique 3... “There is nothing broken about the feature. It is working exactly as intended, just not how you yourself expect it to work.“
  9. Attaching a perfect example of how broken the Youth intake is. How a HOYD of Samaden’s caliber, is proudly mentioning he has had an influence in bringing in that player, is utterly embarassing. Over 2 hours of reloading and respawning Madrid’s intake, with top facilities, and I haven’t seen one player worthy of signing to the under 19s. The pedigree of youth intake is there. Real have a huge draw when it comes to any players joining an academy in Spain. This overnight spawning method of dealing with youth development needs to be overhauled as it is broken.
  10. Back on FM 2019 1 Career only Blackburn > Napoli > Real Madrid Its brilliant to see that tactics have been overhauled and everything that was confusing on that screen last year has been overhauled. Squad dynamics, player interactions, social media, news reporting etc is all getting to a sufficient albeit repetitive level. The training aspect of the game is cluttered and messy, but it’s overhaul is appreciated. The only thing left to overhaul in 2020 now is the Youth intake, as it is still broken as ever.
  11. I’ve also forced the board into spending and agreeing to have Youth focused Affiliates: Banik Ostrava , defensor sporting, NEC, Nacional De Madeira, Sydney FC I have seen HOYD mention some players coming through came from these which is promising. But nothing decent. I am trying.
  12. Ok just to revise: I expect slightly higher PA in my intake, not CA. Especially after the amount of reloads I have gone through, the odds should eventually fall in my favour. I don’t expect 1st team quality, this is me revising from the original post. I expect a Lower CA now more than ever because my Current first team is getting very very high quality since I made the post. - I’m not stars driven - I like to see promising players stats. - I don’t have any hidden PA CA stats view like you can see in editor I don’t have editor, my FLUT skin shows me players CA and PA as 0-20 I look for a decent attribute octagon and the stats predominantly. Every HOYD I’ve had, proudly says ‘I was involved in bringing these two’ each season and their picks are normally trash. I am normally seeing an intake of 14-15 0.5 - 1* players and have to reload several times. I can’t work out if it’s my choice of HOYD because my facilities, reputation is maxed, I have really decent under 18 staff, manager, analysts, physios etc. It just feels like a waste when my under 18 team is either empty or just rubbish players and anyone I do sign sits in under 23s as I have nobody worth retaining outside the first team. I don’t have a full squad full of players in under 23/18 like in real life, because I won’t sign garbage, it’s a waste of £110 per person per week of the clubs money. My problem is that the energy and cash put into this area of the game doesn’t often produce one player that can be even sold to pay for the academy to run itself. Leaves me resigned to feeling the HOYD isn’t doing a good job. I’ve got us to the premier league, and earned us state of the art facilities and chosen junior coaching and recruitment investment. I can’t really do anymore to make a better environment for youth development to happen. It’s upto the HOYD from here.
  13. I think you are firstly exaggerating, I want flexibility and negotiation and to communicate with my staff. secondly you are underestimating the power a club manager has over his staff. The club comes first, the manager and club is not at the whims of staffs tastes and preferences. A philosophy is in place and you adhere to them.
  14. My rebuttal to this would be that people are inspired and can change their outlook on football by learning from others. The same way we share ideas and tactics and suggestions. For example, Brian Kidds view on strategy has probably changed over the years shadowing Fergie, then Mancini, then Pep. Id also be pretty confident Steve Bould evolved a lot from a hard nosed Center back to a coach and disciple of Wenger over the years. The player shouldn’t be a hostage to the games staff, the game should evolve around you. Especially if you are making huge strides in the footballing universe in game.
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